American Pie 2's Condom Controversy

It seemed like a match made in marketing heaven: the horny kids of American Pie 2 and Lifestyles Condoms. Alas, it was not to be. Ansell Healthcare, the manufacturer of Lifestyles Condoms, is blasting Universal Pictures, which is releasing the sex comedy sequel, for backing out of a promo deal with the safe-sex promoter.

"This movie is all about sophomoric sex, but the movie makers don't want to be associated with condoms?" Carol Carrozza, vice president of marketing for Ansell Healthcare Inc., said in a statement released to the press today.

Ansell blames the studio brass at Universal for shying away from the planned ad campaign and accused the studio of "perpetuating the double standard — using flagrant sex to sell and entice young people while denying them information about products that can protect them."

In other American Pie 2 news, the sequel to 1999's raunchy teen sex romp is already turning up in pirated versions on the Internet. Looks like someone didn't use the proper protection in safeguarding the R-rated teen flick.

Universal has already been criticized for airing "this film has not yet been rated" ads for the further adventures of Oz, Stifler, and Nadia, after Pie 2 was rated R by the MPAA. Under new guidelines, marketing R-rated films to kiddies is a big no-no. The ad snafu was chalked up to the lead time involved in recutting the ads to add the R rating. The film, which stars Jason Biggs, Natasha Lyonne, Shannon Elizabeth, Chris Klein, and Tara Ried, opens Aug. 10.