Madonna TV Documentary Planned

Pop icon Madonna will be the subject of a one-hour TV documentary put together by the BBC and shown in advance of the English leg of her just-opened Drowned World Tour.

But the doc won't be a behind-the-scenes look at the former Material Girl, à la 1991's infamous Truth or Dare film (sorry, no Coke-bottle fellatio or Warren Beatty bashing). Instead, it will analyze the ongoing love affair between Britons and the 42-year-old singer.

It's obvious by now that the feeling is mutual; Madonna is married and has a child with Brit movie director Guy Ritchie, and she recently bought a house near Hyde Park in central London that reportedly cost nearly 8 million pounds. Returning the favor, music buyers in England sent Madonna's latest single, "What It Feels Like for a Girl," to the top of the charts, making it her 51st song in the British Top 10.

Though Madonna herself won't be interviewed for the special, a BBC spokeswoman says, "It is being done with her blessing. It is not a history of Madonna, but about the way she has been adopted by the public and made London her home."

There will be high-profile interviews, though, from the likes of Madonna fan and teen-pop queen Britney Spears, and from fashion designers Stella McCartney and Jean-Paul Gaultier, as well as a segment following five diehard fans who track the tour's progress through Europe.

Madonna just opened Drowned World in Spain on Saturday and will hit American shores in July, with an Aug. 26 Detroit concert to be broadcast live on HBO.

Reuters contributed to this report.