Marlon Brando Hospitalized

The horror, the horror! Screen legend Marlon Brando, who mumbled those memorable words at the end of Apocalypse Now, has been hospitalized just as he was about to shoot a cameo for the Dimension horror spoof Scary Movie 2.

The 77-year-old actor, who was due to start work this week on the sequel to last year's surprise hit Scary Movie, has been hospitalized for pneumonia, according to Variety.

Just yesterday, the actor made headlines for lining up his first "flat-out-comedic" role, to quote Dimension's press release, for which he is to be paid a reported $2 million for four days of work.

In the horror sequel, Brando is slated to play a priest who performs a supernatural exorcism — for laughs, of course, since it's an Exorcist send-up.

According to Variety, Brando's scene likely won't be recast, since it can be filmed at a later date after the actor is back on his feet. Scary Movie 2 is due in theaters July 4.