Stars Reveal Their Oscar Picks

Not all Oscar nominees are voting for themselves this year.

Take Best Actress contender Juliette Binoche, who's publicly supporting rival Julia Roberts for the Oscar, or Willem Dafoe, who's nominated as Best Supporting Actor for Shadow of the Vampire but who shared his favorite performance of the year with us at the Screen Actors Guild Awards — Benicio Del Toro in Traffic, who's also up for Best Supporting Actor at the Oscars.

Other stars told us who they think gave the best performances of the year — and who they feel was overlooked for Oscar consideration:

Patrick Fugit (Almost Famous): "I really, really liked Russell Crowe in Gladiator. And I liked the whole cast of Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. I also liked Benicio Del Toro a lot."

Djimon Honsou (Gladiator): "Benicio Del Toro and Julia Roberts."

Carrie-Anne Moss (Memento): "Ellen Burstyn and Marcia Gay Harden … there's so many, I can't even think."

Tim Daly (The Fugitive): "There's been a lot of good performances, but I think some people got overlooked, like Mark Ruffalo from You Can Count on Me."

Debi Mazar (That's Life): "Ellen Burstyn — I work with Ellen every single day [on That's Life]."

Leelee Sobieski (My First Mister): "I don't have a favorite, but Benicio Del Toro is really, really good-looking. Is he too old for me?"

Topher Grace (That '70s Show, Traffic): "I shouldn't say someone from Traffic, but I'm such a big Don Cheadle fan. He and Luis Guzman are so great together."

Catherine Bell (JAG): "I finally saw The Contender, and that was such an amazing movie. The acting was so good. So that's my current favorite, with Jeff Bridges and Joan Allen. Traffic too, I just loved that."

Garcelle Beauvais (NYPD Blue): "I would love Benicio to win. I think Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon is right up there for Best Picture. And everybody loves Julia."

Jackie Collins (author, Hollywood Wives): "I think it's going to be Julia. She's great in that movie. I think the competition is just not there for her this year and she deserves to win for her body of work."

Thora Birch (American Beauty): "Ellen Burstyn I thought was fantastic. It's an eclectic year, and there are some surprise nominations that are definitely intriguing, like Ed Harris and Marcia Gay Harden."

Larry King (Larry King Live): "I'm going out on a limb and say Julia Roberts [will win]! I didn't see it, but I got a feeling that Traffic is going to win Best Picture."

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