Film Notes: 'Exit Wounds' Cuts Deep

Are we witnessing a Steven Seagal renaissance? The action star has returned to the big screen with his best box office opening yet.

Seagal's Exit Wounds raked in $19 million at the box office over the weekend, his best debut ever, topping the premiere of the World War II feature Enemy at the Gates, the No. 2 movie, which took in $13.6 million.

For Seagal, that's quite a comeback. His last movie, 1998's The Patriot, went the direct-to-cable route.

Other movies in the top 10: The Mexican, $8.1 million; See Spot Run, $5.2 million; 15 Minutes, $4.4 million; Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, $4.1 million; Down to Earth; $4 million; Hannibal, $3.7 million; Traffic, $3.41 million; and Chocolat, $3.4 million.

Brad & Jennifer's Next Project: Kids

They're not saying anything other couples in their mid-30s don't say — but they're stars. So it's news.

Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston reportedly are talking about when to start a family. Pitt told London's Sunday Express that their marriage is going "great."

"The planning is under way, negotiations are taking place, and I'm willing to predict a successful conclusion," he said.

Pitt, who is currently starring in The Mexican, has been a little less upbeat about kids in the past. "I'm still a little selfish," hHe told Details magazine a few months back, "I'm still a little selfish, I'm sure I'll [expletive] them up somehow."

Costner Wanted to Guard Diana

It's one of the great sequels that never happened — Kevin Costner and Princess Diana in The Bodyguard II.

Costner told British TV last week that the project was very much in the works when the princess died and that she was "genuinely interested and excited" by the idea.

Costner said he received the final version of the script on the day Diana was killed in a car crash, in August 1997.

The original Bodyguard starred Costner and Whitney Houston. For the sequel, Costner would have cast Diana as a royal targeted by terrorists.

ABCNEWS Radio and's Buck Wolf and Nancy Chandross contributed to this report.