Guy Ritchie Snatches Pitt

With everyone "mucking in" and having fun on the set, it seems like the only real chore in making the film was wrapping it in a reasonable amount of time.

"I made the second film because I just had so many stories while making the first, I thought it would have been a crime not to have capitalized on that," said Ritchie, whose wealth of stories was adding up to a two-and-a-half-hour film, a lengthy running time for a comedy.

"I kept trying to keep [all the stories] in there, but the film was just forcing me to get rid of them," said Ritchie. "So that's why the film rattles along at the speed it rattles along at. I think films do take their own pace. I'm a big believer that films direct themselves. Really, all you have to do is stop it [from] going to extremes one way or the other. You just sort of herd it like a sheepdog, if you like."

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