Cindy's Noisy Ways Prompt Neighbors to Sue

Living beneath model Cindy Crawford — and being able to eavesdrop on her most intimate moments — would be a dream come true for many a hormone-riddled lad, but the mole-sporting celeb's real-life neighbors don't quite see (or hear) it that way.

A woman who lives in the same 11-story co-op building as Crawford on Manhattan, N.Y.'s posh Upper East Side is actually suing her famous neighbor for excessive noise and being subjected to "the intimate sounds of daily life" emanating from chez Cindy.

Marina French, 59, says she hears telephones ringing, doors opening and closing, baths running, and toilets flushing in the apartment directly above hers, where Crawford and her husband, nightclub owner Rande Gerber, live, and has filed suit, according to The Associated Press.

French alleges that the trouble started when Crawford and Gerber renovated their apartment two years ago and apparently removed soundproofing material from between the floor and ceiling.

The neighbor and her husband say that despite their complaints, nothing was done to fix the noises she calls "insufferable invasions of [our] daily lives." She's seeking monetary compensation for fair market value since the "nuisance" that is the Crawford and Gerber household has allegedly depressed the value of the French apartment.

According to the celeb archives, Cindy has a tendency to be noisy away from home as well. An old news item had the beauty and her then-beau, actor Val Kilmer, troubling the neighbors at Los Angeles' Bel-Air Hotel with their, ahem, songs of love. Maybe when Cindy realizes just how thin those walls are, the former Revlon pitchwoman won't need any artificial blush.