'N Sync May Film 'Grease 3'

Next Stop: the Studio If ’N Sync has any spare time these days, it’s spent thinking about its next album, which it hopes to finish by February. At this point, the band is still mulling over potential producers to work with and claim that it’s likely that Chasez and Timberlake will take a greater hand in shaping the record’s direction.

“We’re definitely getting into that side of it more,” Bass said. “There’s been several people we’ve been talking about. Maybe getting with She’kspere again, Timbaland, Missy. Even Richard Marx would be great to work with again.”

Even before that, the group is planning to do a song for the country market — Bass declined to disclose who it will work with on it but said that the band has narrowed it down to “a couple of artists” — and will continue to seek out new venues for its music, like the Latin Grammy Awards, which it played last month.

“We just want to prove that music is music,” Bass said.

“We want to challenge ourselves,” Chasez added. “Music, it’s fun. It’s a journey, and I don’t think that any artist likes just one kind of music. They’re usually very creative people and they like a little bit of everything. There’s part of them that wishes that maybe they could do this, that, and the other, and we’ve just been lucky enough to push the boundaries and do it, instead of wondering about it.”

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