Pitt to Parachute for Coen Bros.

Brad Pitt hopes to continue scuffing up his glossy sheen with a new role in Joel and Ethan Coen's upcoming World War II drama.

The golden-haired actor, who took a dark turn as an anti-yuppie thug in Fight Club, will portray a gunner on a WW II bomber in To the White Sea, notes The Hollywood Reporter. Pitt's character, an Alaskan-bred woodsman, is forced to parachute into enemy territory in Japan and fend for himself.

Adapted from a James Dickey novel by the same name, Sea's WW II theme adds Pitt to a growing list of young male actors clamoring to replay a significant chapter in American history. Edward Norton, Ben Affleck, and Christian Slater all have WW II epics in the works (Hart's War, Pearl Harbor, and Windtalkers, respectively).

To the White Sea is the Oscar-winning Coen brothers' follow-up to O Brother, Where Art Thou?, a forthcoming picture starring grizzled stud George Clooney.

Pitt, who is currently shooting The Mexican with Julia Roberts, will plunge into Sea as soon as he wraps Steven Soderbergh's Las Vegas heist remake, Ocean's Eleven — which also features Roberts and Clooney.