Mormon 'Real Worlder' Expelled

The Brigham Young University student who appeared on MTV’s Real World was suspended for the fall semester for breaking the school’s honor code.

Julie Stoffer, a business major from Delafield, Wis., spent five months being filmed for the show while living with four men and two other women in New Orleans.

The university, owned by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, prohibits single students from living with members of the opposite sex.

'I Didn’t Have Sex' BYU said Stoffer violated the honor code, but said federal law prohibited it from providing details on the case.

“We certainly wish Julie well,” said BYU spokeswoman Carri P. Jenkins told KUTV. “This is not a decision if she was a good or bad person. It is about her commitment to the honor code.”

Last month, Julie said BYU officials should go by the spirit of the law, not the letter of the law.

“I didn’t have sex and they have that on tape,” Julie said in June. “If I did have sex it would be on tape. It would be like: ‘Mormon girl loses her virginity on TV.’”