'Chicken Little' Wings It in 3-D

Perhaps it's fitting that the name "Chicken Little" has always been synonymous with underdogs. After the success of Disney's Pixar hits, and such mega-grossing films as "Shrek," "Shark Tale" and this summer's "Madagascar," the bar is set pretty high for animated features. Disney's last entry, "Valiant," starring Ewan McGregor and Ricky Gervais, grossed a disappointing $40 million.

But when moviegoers strap on their 3-D glasses for this film, they'll be transported to Oakey Oaks, where chickens ride in egg-shaped cars, a bull runs the local china shop, sheep are barbers, and worms sell books.

"The movie picks up as Chicken Little has already said the sky is falling and embarrassed himself, and now he finds out they are making a movie of his life and he's humiliated," Braff says. "So, now, he's trying to redeem himself before the movie comes out and embarrasses him."

Stars seem to be tripping over each other to voice cartoon characters. Just as Martin Scorsese slept with the fishes in "Shark Tale," another prominent director, Garry Marshall, is now getting plucky as Chicken Little's rooster of a dad. Joan Cusack plays some chick named Abby Mallard, and Steve Zahn hams it up as a 900-pound porker.

Amy Sedaris, Don Knotts, Harry Shearer and Adam West also pop up in this barnyard as a schoolyard fox, a political turkey, a tail-wagging sports announcer and Chicken Little's Hollywood alter-ego.

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