Most Fascinating People of 2005

Eleven-year-old actress Dakota Fanning doesn't want to be treated "like a kid" and Tom Cruise says he's not embarrassed to act like one when he's expressing his love for fiancée Katie Holmes.

In "The 10 Most Fascinating People of 2005," an hour-long special airing tonight at 10, Barbara Walters highlights some of the year's most prominent names in entertainment, politics and sports.

From Fanning to hip-hop superstar Kanye West, the headline-makers on this year's list tell Walters what made their year most extraordinary.

Tom Cruise: 'They Should All Jump on Couches'

Long known for fiercely guarding his private life, film star Tom Cruise put his love for actress Katie Holmes in the spotlight this year. Cruise says he has no regrets about his much-publicized -- and -ridiculed -- couch-jumping incident on "The Oprah Winfrey Show" when he declared his love for Holmes.

Cruise, 42, has known the 26-year-old Holmes for less than a year, but he tells Walters he "just knew" she was the one for him. "I really just knew. It was an explosion. And she is just magic. And I really think that all men should celebrate their women. ... They should all jump on couches for them. ... When you find that woman, you should absolutely be unabashed about it. That's how I feel about it," he tells Walters.

Cruise also shares his opinions about prescription drugs, psychiatry and Scientology with Walters.

Cruise and Holmes are now expecting a child, and Cruise tells Walters they've even bought their own sonogram machine to learn whether they're having a boy or a girl. Cruise tells Walters that medical technicians are helping the couple operate the sonogram and understand the ultrasound images, and he says they'll donate the machine to a hospital when they're done with it.

Kanye West: No Apologies

Grammy Award winner Kanye West shot to stardom in 2005, winning three Grammys and landing the cover of Time magazine. But West, 28, generated controversy when he deviated from his script during a live telethon broadcast for the victims of Hurricane Katrina and said: "George Bush doesn't care about black people."

West was born and raised in Chicago. His parents are middle class and educated. His mom was an English professor and is now his business manager. His father has two master's degrees and was a member of the militant Black Panthers. He taught his son that racism was everywhere.

And perhaps that underlies his Katrina telethon remark. But West says he has no regrets about the statement. "I spoke from my heart. And I stand by my statement," West tells Walters. He adds: "I wonder why those words are considered to be harsh."

Dakota Fanning: Little Girl, Big Star

She's worked with some of Hollywood's hottest leading men -- from Tom Cruise to Sean Penn to Denzel Washington and Kurt Russell -- and she's not even in her teens. Over the last four years, her films have made almost $700 million, and the precocious actress commands a salary of $3 million per picture.

Fanning was born in Conyers, Ga., and her parents knew she was special early on. She started reading at age 2. She entertained friends and family. And when she was 4, her parents enrolled her in an acting workshop.

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