Naked, Middle-Aged Stone Uses Sex as Power

"We're younger inside," said Vranich, who is 40 but could pass for 30. She attributes this to women knowing more about nutrition, fitness, and quick cosmetic fixes such as Botox. "We're taking better care of ourselves than our mothers did," she added.

Pampering is not just for the Hollywood set. Jim Ryno, owner of three boutique gyms in the New York suburbs, agreed. Many of his clients are in their 40s. "Women care more about their bodies and are slowing down the effects of aging by exercising regularly."

A healthier body, Vranich believes, improves a woman's self-esteem and eliminates "hang-ups" -- leading to a better sex life. "By this time, women have been sexually active for years and they know how to please themselves," Feldman said. When it comes to dating, men may benefit too.

Vranich added that women in their 40s were in their sexual prime. "They have better stamina," she said, "which makes older women particularly well-suited for younger men."

"Hollywood has to do it first before we go there," Vranich said. Forty-three-year-old Demi Moore's marriage to 28-year-old Ashton Kutcher is the perfect example. "It takes just a few beautiful women in their 40s to set a trend, and guys will notice."

Some people may disagree entirely with the idea of anyone getting naked on the screen, but experts on sexuality and aging agree that these high-profile older women are setting the stage for the rest of us -- telling women to accept their bodies and strut with the confidence of a Hollywood movie star even if it's only in their own bedrooms.

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