Man Wants Money From Brad and Angie's Baby Photos to Go to Army Family

Hey Brad, Angelina, here's the chance to do something for your country. Why not sell your $3 million highly coveted baby photo to, say, someone who really needs it?

Thats the goal behind a new Web site, created by Matt Ward, whose brother-in-law, an Army corporal, is serving his second 18-month tour of duty in Afghanistan.

"I'm requesting that Brad and Angelina let someone who actually needs the money turn in the photo to the media as opposed to the paparazzi, already making millions," Ward said.

While Ward's brother-in-law fights bravely for his country, his family is fighting a battle of their own back home.

"My sister works at a national restaurant chain making minimum wage and is barely able to put food on the table," said Ward. He said that his sister's family didn't receive any payments from the military until he was leaving for his second tour.

Ward's sister and brother-in-law don't know anything about this campaign on their behalf.

"They would KILL me if they knew I was doing this," he said. "My brother-in-law loves his country, and he would be upset that we are hurting the reputation of the Army, but his family is hurting more back at home."

But Who Really Gets the Money?

Ward hopes to turn this campaign into a larger effort to help families beyond his own. Ward started an organization called the Robin Hood Group, which will encourage other celebrities to contribute their photos to support American military families in desperate need.

Cindi Guagenti, Pitt's spokeswoman, issued the following statement regarding Ward's request: "What Brad and Angelina decide to do with the baby's photograph is private and not up for public auction so people can benefit themselves."

Tom O'Neal, senior editor for InTouch Weekly, doesn't believe this campaign will have much success. "The goal of the Web site is noble, but it's not realistic," he said. "Stars are notoriously vain and they tend to want the best photographers to take these pictures ... not some snap-and-shoot disposable camera."

And E.L. Woody, who calls himself the king of paparazzi, said Ward's campaign will have zero impact on him and the other paparazzi

"The stars needs us as much as we need them. Without us they wouldn't be where they are today," Woody said.

O'Neal said that contrary to popular belief, the money for celebrity photos usually ends up going more to the stars than the paparazzi.

For example, he said proceeds from Britney Spears and Kevin Federline's sought-after first baby photos didn't end up where they said it would.

"Even though Britney and Kevin promised to donate the money to a needy cause, follow-up inquiry says the only personal charity the money went to was Kevin Federline's," O'Neal said.