Rosie Feuds With 'Comb-Over' Trump

Now that Christmas is behind us, the Rosie O'Donnell-Donald Trump feud can begin anew.

O'Donnell posted her latest thoughts on beauty pageants and "The Apprentice" star she calls "the comb-over" in a blog entry. It begins:

so what happens
when u say the emperor has no clothes
the comb over goes ballistic
via phone to mr king

Acknowledging the rancor between her and Trump, she writes, "i imagine it is interesting/as celeb feuds tend 2 b," and launches into a biting commentary on how young women are exploited in these contests, and how "women were paraded around/judged valuable or not/by old white men/ it is always old white men."

Further on in her blog entry, she takes a swipe at Trump's handling of the Miss USA scandal. The feud began earlier in the month when Trump -- a co-producer of the beauty pageant -- announced that he would allow Tara Conner, Miss USA 2006, to continue her reign if she agreed to go to rehab.

As O'Donnell sees it, Trump is a hypocrite for judging Conner. The Kentucky native, who won the title in April, was subsequently criticized for her frequent clubbing, drinking and debauched lifestyle, despite not turning 21 until earlier this month.

While not mentioning Trump by name, O'Donnell writes: "a young girl in nyc/meets a pimp/he cons her into a life of illusion/she works for him." She later says that when the anonymous female goes out to party, "he freaks."

Trump's press representative did not immediately return a call to for comment.

"Rosie got mentally beaten up by me because she is a mental midget, a low life," the real estate mogul told the New York Post. "I think she's got a death wish."