DJ AM, Man of Mystery

The odd couple was recently spotted on a lunch date in Beverly Hills that raised eyebrows. Then came the real proof. DJ and Mandy were seen sucking face at the Sundance Film Festival -- not exactly a place to hide your personal life. But some question the possibility of a lasting relationship.

Psychologist and relationship expert David Shumway, professor of English and literary and cultural studies director at the Humanities Center at Carnegie Mellon, as well as the author of "Modern Love: Romance, Intimacy, and the Marriage Crisis," says: "What's interesting to me about this Adam Goldstein's success with women is that anyone is surprised by it. The pattern of a plain man with a beautiful woman is a staple of pop culture and ordinary life. The pattern goes back into Hollywood's history. Humphrey Bogart was hardly conventionally handsome, but no one thought it odd that he should be loved by the stunning Lauren Bacall.

"The point is that women are much less likely than men to regard physical appearance as their primary criterion when seeking a mate. They tend to be attracted to power, prestige, skill, and strength."

If you don't have the bucks to hire him for your private parties, like Brad Pitt, you can go to DJ's club in Los Angeles, LAX, on Sunday nights and get a dose of his backspin. Or catch him while he's on tour at clubs like Pure in Vegas. It's a new day in the entertainment world when people schedule their nights around watching ordinary people doing the ordinary -- and sometimes the odd -- on reality shows, and will fly to Vegas to see a DJ spin rather than spend money to see their favorite band in concert in their hometown.

Back to DJ's love life. No matter how you slice it, whether or not you find him as good of a catch as Mandy Moore seems to, everyone interviewed seemed to have the same opinion that DJ's fame came quickly, and could disappear just as quickly without the right press -- whether it comes from having a famous girlfriend or not.

Let's hope, for his sake, that DJ AM and Mandy Moore last long enough to amp up his star power. If not, he could end up having his 15 minutes of fame and a good friend in Kevin Federline.

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