Bad Boy George in Trouble Again

But during the 1980s, his previously storybook career started take a bad turn. Reports of addiction to cocaine and heroin circulated in the international press, and the fans who once stormed Culture Cub appearances began to lose interest.

By the end of 1985, George's fall from grace came fast and hard.

He went public with his addictions and was later arrested by British police for possession of marijuana. A few days later, keyboardist Michael Rudetski turned up dead in George's home, reportedly from a heroin overdose.

The group canceled its upcoming world tour and officially split in late 1986.

Now in his mid-40s George has managed to survive his controversial lifestyle.

Last July he was fined and sentenced to five days community service in a New York court last July for wasting police time, reportedly after he falsely reported a burglary in his Manhattan apartment.

George pulled on his orange jacket and got busy sweeping the streets of Manhattan.

Jones said that when reporters and photographers swarmed the singer while he got to work on a Lower East Side street corner, he told them to "Go home and let me do my community service," sweeping dust on to photographers' lenses.

The incident was nothing new, she told

"George has always had a reputation of being very savvy when it came to handling the media," she said.

Jones recalled that during an interview a few years ago, George was quoted as saying that he preferred a cup of tea to having sex -- although Auden Carlsen would probably disagree.

Then again, to a Brit, a cup of tea just isn't a cuppa without milk.

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