The Mighty Have Fallen; Here's Why

Stromberg, who works with the Hazeldon Treatment Center, is a recovering drug addict himself who has been clean for 24 years. The once high-powered publicist said, "Sometimes when people rise to the top, there also often can be an inherent belief that they are a fraud, that they are not as talented as people think. Drinking helps numb that fear and enables them to be successful. Walking out on stage takes a lot of courage, and some of these people don't have as much courage as we think."

In her book, "Looking for Gatsby: My Life," Faye Dunaway wrote of the pressures.

"To counter the stress of filmmaking," she said, "I've never stopped guarding against a return to that kind of emotional reliance on food, and as I grew into this sophisticated world, alcohol. I'm finally beyond that now, but it was the pendulum I would swing on for years."

Douglas Eby, the author of "Actors and Addiction," told ABC News the works of Kazimierz Dabrowski, a Polish psychiatrist and psychologist, are key to understanding why high achievers can fall.

"Dabrowski developed a personality theory that many current researchers and writers use to help understand highly talented people. He noted that many gifted and talented people -- including actors, of course -- may experience increased mental excitability, depressions, dissatisfaction with oneself, feelings of inferiority and guilt, states of anxiety, inhibitions, and ambivalences, all symptoms which the psychiatrist tends to label psychoneurotic. Maybe one reason so many intense and sensitive people self-medicate is to dampen the internal and external condemnations of those symptoms that Dabrowski and others say can indicate a capacity for achieving higher levels of personal development."

And when it comes to recovery, luxury rehab centers seem to be the new "in-thing" for the elite crowd. Therapist Jeffrey Gardere told ABC News, "Unfortunately. it must become a show -- because you have to prove to the public and the money people who bankroll your career that you are stable and not a washed up, damaged liability. That being said, while in rehab, don't check out at night to party like Lindsay. Don't go to rehab on your own terms and rules and private space like Whitney and Britney. And most importantly never, ever check out prematurely and against doctors orders."

Gardere added that those in the spotlight have to work that much harder to recover.

"I think it is important that you have friends or a support group that will not enable you," he said. "It is also important that you do not put the need to be in the public eye before your needs as an individual who may be very vulnerable to people, places and things. Dump the drug using, alcoholic-fueled friends like a bad [drug] habit. Finally, if you are dealing with an addiction, learn to deal with personal and Hollywood stress by staying in therapy, spirituality, exercise etc. Don't quit just because you feel you are better. Addiction is a lifelong battle!"

It's a battle Albrecht knows all too well.

"Two years ago, I decided that I could handle drinking again," he said. "Clearly, I was wrong. Given that truth, I have committed myself to sobriety."

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