Baby Zoom: Celebrity Babies All the Rage

Lights, camera... baby!

According to estimates provided by the U.S. Census Bureau, seven babies are born every second.

And though parents are oohing and aahing over all their arrivals, only a minute percentage of these newborns draw the fascination of the rest of the world -- those with Hollywood parents.

Over the past week, a number of celebs in both the film and sports arenas added new members to their families.

Julia Roberts added a baby boy named Henry Daniel to her brood (twins Hazel and Phinnaeus were born in 2004). Tiger Woods and his wife welcomed their first child -- a daughter named Sam Alexis. Kevin James and his wife had their second daughter -- making him the "King of Three Queens." Keri Russell, who recently starred in the film "Waitress" as a new mom, had a baby girl with her husband. And last but not least, NASCAR driver Jeff Gordon and his wife have a new baby girl.

A Pretty, More Private, Woman

Which bundle of joy will end up in tomorrow's tabloids?

If Julia Roberts gets her way, it won't be her son Henry.

Courtney Hazlett, a senior reporter at OK! magazine -- the publication that printed the first pictures of Larry Birkhead and his daughter with Anna Nicole Smith, Dannielynn -- said that motherhood has made Roberts a changed woman.

"She's gotten increasingly private with the birth of her twins," Hazlett told ABC News. "It's more of a personal decision for her... She doesn't need the sort of life where there are cameras everywhere. She's managed to keep them [her twins] out of the spotlight and she probably feels she can do the same thing with Henry."

According to the New York Post, Roberts doesn't think it's worth it to auction off photos of her children. Nearly four years ago, Roberts allowed People magazine to run the first photos of Hazel and Phinnaeus. Now, it appears Roberts has little interest in putting her baby in the spotlight.

"The most important thing is that Julia has a healthy baby," Roberts' spokeswoman Marcy Engelman told the Post. "Where the baby photos go hasn't even been thought about yet."

Roberts currently splits her time between her homes outside of Tinseltown in New York, Malibu, Calif., and Tao, N.M.

Molly Goodson, the editor of the celebrity news blog, said, "Julia will forever be A-List, but she has managed to live her life outside of the spotlight since giving birth to Phinnaeus and Hazel. She can just live her life quietly outside of Hollywood, in her fabulous mansion, and show off her gorgeous children when she is good and ready to." Engelman would not return repeated phone calls from ABC News seeking comment.

Celebrity Babies: 'the Perfect Eugenics Experiment'

Whether you were grinning with food smeared across your face or crying on Santa's lap, chances are someone snapped a baby picture of you, though most of us forget about them until they spring up in a wedding slideshow. At work, we all tolerate baby-happy co-workers who diligently send out weekly e-mail alerts with updated baby pictures of his or her kids.

Celebrity baby pictures, however, generate a great deal more interest.

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