Ice 'n' Roll: Live Earth From Antarctica

"By the time we all get back home [in 2008 or 2009], all of the publicity from this will be forgotten," said Thorne. "We're not celebrities, and just like playing music for its own sake."

Nonetheless, Thorne did not rule out playing at pubs with one or two of his band members once he returns home.

Thorne says that the performance could be overwhelmingly positive in highlighting the issue of climate change in Antarctica.

Spotlight on Antarctica's Climate Change

"The concert has brought a spotlight to the Antarctic like nothing else," said Thorne. "People can see how global climate change affects our piece of earth."

Nunatak says that presenting the issue in the form of a music show could ultimately attract a different audience.

"Unfortunately, the issue of climate change isn't perceived to be cool among youth," said Thorne. "Music is. This public awareness of the Antarctic will hopefully attract even more talented scientists and engineers."

Nunatak's performance can be viewed Saturday at

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