Celebrity Justice for Lohan and Richie?

Lohan's sentence and Richie's jail stint come weeks after the most prominent celebutante of them all, Paris Hilton, spent 23 days in jail after being convicted of driving on a suspended license while on probation. While Spindel believes Hilton's sentence was "a raw deal," he worries that the pithy punishments handed down to her hard-partying cohorts will encourage others, including the not so rich and famous, to repeat their mistakes. But without an A-list team of legal and PR experts on their side, they might not fare so well.

"One would think that with all the problems we're seeing with young Hollywood these days, somebody would want to say, 'Hey, these are our role models. We're telling our younger ones that they can go out and get a couple DUIs, do some cocaine and they're only going to get one day in jail," he said. "But I would caution that you shouldn't engage in this type of behavior thinking that this will always be the result. Because it won't always be the result."

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