Rosie Muses on Her TV Deal Undone

Survey the current landscape of television or travel down the radio dial and it is apparent that being outrageous and provocative or eschewing self-censorship, can pave the road to gainful employment in broadcasting.

Last spring, Don Imus was booted off his CBS radio perch following a public outcry over his characterization of the women on the Rutgers University basketball team.

Most judged Imus to have crossed the barely visible line of shock-jock radio when he called the college athletes "nappy-headed hos."

But in less than six months Imus has a new gig: in a few weeks he will return to the airwaves on WABC in New York, having reportedly inked an eight-figure, multiyear deal with Citadel Broadcasting.

Is there a double standard when it comes to giving a provocative and controversial woman a platform?

"Rosie wears her left wing on her sleeve and I think that polarizes more than somebody like Imus who makes fun of everybody. I think because she is so polarizing for the liberals and so anti-conservative, I am not sure people want to give her a second chance," says Levine.

"As a culture we do have a higher tolerance for men screaming on television and radio than we do for women screaming. I think Rosie is a little bit of a harder sell for that reason," suggests Jacobs.

Above the Fray

Rosie as actress however, is apparently an easy sell.

O'Donnell will reprise her role as "Dawn Budge Murphy: on the popular F/X cable drama "Nip/Tuck." The character was so popular last season that show creators have brought her back for several episodes in the fifth season of the show.

On her blog Friday, O'Donnell gleefully shares some hints about her upcoming Nip/Tuck appearance: "I go hang gliding. And I get attacked by an eagle!"

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