The Real Lives of 'The Real Housewives of New York City'


Favorite physical activity/sport: It's a tie between tennis and skiing. I go skiing twice a year and play a lot of tennis in the summer.

Favorite weekend night activity: What I love to do is get together with two to three other couples and go somewhere fun downtown — just a cool, hip, young place with good food, good people … like SoHo House or Stanton Social.

If you had to live someplace other than New York City, it would be: I haven't figured that one out, I always wonder where I would go if I didn't want the hectic pace … maybe California, but I'm afraid of earthquakes. Florida's too hot. Outside of the U.S. — I love Italy, so maybe there.

Finish this sentence — "I can't live without…": My daughter and my husband.

What's your biggest extravagance/guilty pleasure?: I have a lot of anti-aging products. I don't want to do surgery. I think I'm one of the few women my age in New York who hasn't had any surgery yet. Not to say anything of mine is drooping — they're pretty perky. But I have lots of skin care products. I mix them all up and I want to create my own brand.

What would you trade your life/lifestyle for?: Nothing. I'm very fortunate, I'm very blessed.

Bethenny Frankel

Stats: Celebrity chef who wants to be the modern, healthy version of Martha Stewart. She's been married once and engaged twice — she calls herself the "runaway bride." Currently dating a Wall Street businessman and living on the Upper East Side.

Favorite cocktail: The skinny girl's margarita. [Her own creation.] Patron silver on the rocks, 4 limes and splash of Cointreau. Clear liquor is better for no hangovers and a thinner waistline. No salt.

Favorite high-end store: I'm not a shopper, I'm very utilitarian. I have high-end clothes but I always have a way … my favorite site right now And Ebay. I'm obsessed.

Favorite low-end store: Target and Wal-Mart. Wal-Mart even more than Target because they don't know that they're so chic yet … Forget luxury/non-luxury — I'm obsessed. Costco is like religion to me.

Favorite fast food restaurant: I try to not eat anything with ingredients that I can't pronounce.

Favorite New York restaurant: Craft.

Favorite physical activity/sport: Snowboarding, Surfing, Yoga. In that order.

Favorite weekend night activity: Lay in bed. I don't like going out on weekends. I like locking down on weekends. Everything that I do that's social is networking related. I do not have a social life that doesn't involve work and networking.

If you had to live someplace other than New York City, it would be: Hawaii. It's all pineapples and surfing. Finish this sentence — "I can't live without …": My dog Cookie.

What's your biggest extravagance/guilty pleasure?: Regular facials and blackjack.

What would you trade your life/lifestyle for?: I wouldn't mind living in Hawaii with bleached blonde hair and bleached blonde hair babies.

LuAnn de Lesseps

Stats: A real-life Countess whose French aristocrat husband comes from the family that built the Panama Canal and gave New York City the Statue of Liberty. They live on the Upper East Side and have two kids, ages 10 and 12. A former model, she now works with various charities.

Favorite cocktail: Red wine.

Favorite high-end store: Emmanuel Ungaro.

Favorite low-end store: I kind of like H&M. Sometimes they have great little pieces or accessories.

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