Celebrity Parade With Jeanne Wolf

Martin Lawrence

How do you score points with your daughters? Martin Lawrence found out. He just told them his co-star in "College Road Trip" was Raven-Symone. "My girls are huge fans," Martin tells Parade. "We all used to sit down together to watch 'That's So Raven." Playing a dad who can't let his kid go off to college alone was a lesson for Lawrence. He says, "I began to understand I've got to give my daughters some space to grow up."

Raven holds her own with Martin as he insists on tagging along when she and a group of friends go on an orientation visit to Georgetown University. Lawrence skipped college in real life to head for Hollywood. But, I found out he did a road trip to his old high school. "I went back to visit Ms. Henderson who we used to call 'Froggy,' he says. "When I was a student she gave me a card advertising a club, the D.C. Comedy café in Washington, and said, 'Martin, stop making people laugh and disrupting the class all the time and try it in front of an audience. If you ever make it, you can buy me a car.' Flash ahead to my success and I did get her a car."

Amy Adams

Locking lips on the big screen can be a challenge. In "Miss Pettigrew Lives For a Day," Amy Adams gets a smooch with hunky Lee Pace of ABC's "Pushing Daisies." The problem? Amy told Parade, "I'm about five feet four and Lee is six-four. Bending over to reach my lips looked silly. So Lee just grabbed me and hoisted me off the floor." Amy loved it! Now, we're wondering, if it was good for Lee?

Amy reveals that her boyfriend has no problem with her getting romantic on the set. "He understands that it's part of the job," she says. "When I was doing 'Enchanted' there was a day that I was lying on a chaise lounge and being kissed by James Marsden and then Patrick Dempsey. We did the scene all day long. At the end, I stood up and was like, 'Girls, you need to stand in line for this ride.' Then, my boyfriend called me and he was very funny. He was like, 'How did your best day of filming ever go?' We're very secure with each other."

Tina Fey

Tina Fey didn't appreciate working moms until she became one. Now, Tina admits that producing and writing NBC's "30 Rock" while caring for her two-year-old daughter is a marathon. She tells Parade, "Life is impossible but you just do it." Still Tina's thinking about the future. "I want to be like Rachel Ray," Tina says. "She sells cookbooks and cookware. Maybe I could sell pencils."

Meanwhile, Fey is hoping to sell tickets to her upcoming return to the big screen with her "SNL" bud Amy Poehler in "Baby Mama." Tina is a hard driving exec who hires Poehler as a wrong-side-of-the-tracks surrogate mom to bear her child. "It's a reminder that at some point you can't have it all," Fey says. "You keep putting off getting pregnant to pursue your career and, eventually, your body reminds you that time is running out."

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