Celebrity Parade With Jeanne Wolf

Hilary Duff

Is Hilary Duff doing a Miley Cyrus? Not exactly. Duff isn't a teenager, but she's definitely stretching her ex-Disney good girl image in the outrageous "War, Inc." Duff goes from blonde to brunette as super trashy Yonica Baby Yeah – a Middle Eastern pop diva who's better at swearing than singing. At the premiere, Duff told Parade:

"It was a challenge you know it was a challenge because it's finding a character that's so different from my personal life, like who I am and then how people will perceive me. It's a little like scary -- I guess I'm like, "Oh, god. When people see this, are they going to like freak out?" But I just go to the point of saying, "This is acting. I'm an actor. It's a challenge. And I want to go for it. And it's fun. And just stepping into I guess, the whole outfit and having an accent made it kind of easy, in a way, but that part was challenging, you know?"

Oh, and contrary to rumors Hilary won't be in the new updated series "Beverly Hills 90210."

Shia LaBeouf

Shia LaBeouf owes a lot to Steven Spielberg who helped him get his starring role in "Transformers." Now the director has given Shia a juicy part as Harrison Ford's sidekick in "Indiana Jones the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull." When it came to tackling his own stunts, LaBeouf admits he had to work hard to keep with the 65-year-old Ford. Shia told Parade:

"The sword choreography we got in the first couple weeks. It's the movement on the trucks -- that was all pretty difficult. And I can't do splits to save my life, so that was hard. The bike was tough only because when you have somebody moving on the back of a bike, it's very different than just having somebody hold you on a bike. Steven has a way of putting you in the middle of the fear and keeping humor in tact so that you don't lose the tone of Indiana Jones. That's hard to do. How do you do that? That's a magic that he knows how to do."

Shia remembers that the first time he met Ford, the acting legend was carrying a bull whip and said to him, "Good luck kid. Just don't take it too seriously."

Harrison Ford

"It's all little boy's stuff, it's toys for boys," Harrison Ford says of being in the middle of the action as Indy Jones. Almost two decades after he last cracked the bull whip, Ford is back as the adventuresome archeologist. The years have been kind to Harrison. Before he started filming he got a reminder that he was still ready for the spills and thrills. Ford told Parade:

"I hadn't worn the Indiana Jones costume for 18 years. Early in our production process, the costume was sent to my house for me to try on to see where we would have to change sizes. And I put it on. And it fit like a glove. I felt really comfortable and ready to go. The whip came back pretty easily, too. I was surprised because it's a relatively uncommon skill. And it felt good."

Next you can see Ford as a border patrol agent in "Crossing Over."

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