HBO's Depiction Of Mormon Ceremony Upsets Church

"Is that story line preposterous? Yes," said Olsen. "But is that story line based on fact? The answer to that is also 'yes.'"

"We embroider it somewhat but the was a case where a woman from a sect, Laura Chapman, got a job as a legal assistant to one of the judges in Salt Lake City," he said. "As it turns out, she just happened to be a sister wife from the Kingston clan and the judge she was working for just happened to be hearing a case of one of the Kingston men."

Even the costume designs of the women on the compound in "Big Love" were altered following the Texas raid. Previously, the women on "Big Love" had always worn more muted colors.

"Olsen predicted awhile back when the real thing happened that we'd be faced with real images and also the opportunity to be reasonable and jump off and use those images creatively," said Scheffer.

"We saw those pastel colors that all the women were wearing [during the Texas raid]," said Scheffer. "Now we have a lot of that palette going on the show."

Olsen said "Big Love" will also examine the demeanor of the women on the compound.

During the Texas raid much attention was paid to what Olsen refers to as the "robotic" nature of the polygamist women. Figuring out how to work that into the show has been imperative, the creators said.

"I have to say truthfully we found [the FLDS women] extremely disturbing," said Olsen. "The robotic kind of look and aspect to it was disturbing."

"We brought forward a new character – a woman named Jodean – to play that role," he said. "She mutely nods her head in the first episode."

"And as creators of the show we're watching her and sort of exploring what we think of these women – are they credible or are they brainwashed?" said Olsen.

On the eve of the premiere, Olsen and Scheffer are hopeful that those who aren't already watching "Big Love" will be more open to the show's controversial topic.

"We both felt that anyone who is remotely interested in polygamy are already watching the show," said Olsen. "What we have to do is reach those people for whom polygamy is an instinctive turn off."

"A lot of people don't believe that a world like this exists – it's wacky," he said. "But they do exist."

"There are families like the one on 'Big Love' in Salt Lake City. We've seen it."

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