'Sugar Daddies' Cover Debts for 'Sugar Baby' Dates

"There are sugar babies on different levels," Tommy said. "You know, you've got your Wal-Mart sugar babies and then you got your Neiman Marcus sugar babies, and it's which ones you want to shop at."

Olympia, a 24-year-old, full-time student at a broadcasting school in Denver said she has been a sugar baby since she was 19 and 100 percent of her school fees, which is $15,000 a year, have been paid for by sugar daddies.

"I've got my rent paid for up to a year," she said. "I've gotten all the cars I've had, have been paid for by sugar daddies. I've gotten to go to the Caribbean. I've gotten to travel all across the nation. I just got some brand new boobs. Life's great."

Olympia said she is a pro at juggling several sugar daddies at a time. She has been seeing one man named Larry, a Mormon from Utah, for almost two years now and said the relationship is the perfect scenario for her because they do not have sex. But she admitted the perks of the sugar daddy-sugar baby relationship come at an emotional loss.

"Sometimes being in a sugar baby-sugar daddy relationship, it does get lonely for me because I can't always-- That person can't always be there for me," she said. "[But] they respect me. They let me be myself. It's the dream."

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