5 Things We Learned From Derek Zoolander's Vogue Cover

PHOTO: Zoolander stars Ben Stiller (L) and Owen Wilson (R) walk the runway at the Valentino Autumn Winter 2015 fashion show during Paris Fashion Week on March 10, 2015 in Paris.PlayGetty Images
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With "Zoolander 2" set to hit theaters next month, Vogue did something amazing and put Derek Zoolander, played by actor Ben Stiller, on the cover of its latest magazine.

The spread also features Stiller's co-star Penelope Cruz.

But inside the magazine is an in-depth interview, where Stiller reveals a lot about 2001's "Zoolander" and the upcoming sequel.

Here are the five big takeaways:

1 - Who Stiller Didn't Get for "Zoolander 2"

Karl Lagerfeld. We didn’t get Karl Lagerfeld,” said Stiller, who co-wrote, directed and starred in the sequel. “I came close. It breaks my heart. Maybe if we ever do another."

Other than that, Stiller said he got everyone else he wanted for cameos like Justin Bieber and Donatella Versace.

2 - Owen Wilson Thought Crashing the Valentino Show Last Year Was No Big Deal

Zoolander and Hansel walked at last year's Paris Fashion Week and people lost their minds.

"Derek wears a custom Night Butterflies brocade suit with hand-embroidered overcoat and black Creeper shoes," the fashion line announced on its Instagram page. "Hansel wears a Silk Continent print Pajama suit with Double Cashmere overcoat and Open sneakers. #Zoolander2 @benstiller."

But Owen Wilson, who plays fellow model Hansel in both the original and sequel, didn't think it was going to be a big deal prior to the event.

“I kept saying, ‘Why are we even being secretive? It’s not so big a deal...we’re going to walk out there to a smattering of applause,’" he told Vogue.

3 - It Was Hard to Get Original 'Zoolander' Made

"It wasn’t like a slam-dunk movie idea. For the most part, we were on our own — both in the fashion world and with the studio, too," Stiller explained.

He continued, "They were just like, ‘We don’t quite know what this is.’"

The sequel was filmed in Rome. Derek's come a long way in 15 years.

4 - The Origin of "Blue Steel"

You know, Derek's pose that made him super famous?

“That look came out of me in the mirror at home, when I brush my hair or whatever,” Stiller said. “I guess with the selfie culture, it’s just a natural extension. Did I have any idea that it would live on? No.”

He added, “It’s hard for me to not do it when somebody wants to take a picture with me. I just go into it, like a trained dog.”

5 - Derek in the Dumps

In "Zoolander 2," Derek is a recluse living in New Jersey. He is brought out of retirement by bestie Hansel to battle Mugatu, played yet again by Will Ferrell.