Bill Rancic On Teresa and Joe Guidice Indictment

Reality star says, "If you do foolish things, you're gonna look foolish"
5:53 | 08/01/13

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Transcript for Bill Rancic On Teresa and Joe Guidice Indictment
He was the first winner -- the apprentice in 2004 and now stars in the reality TV show Juliana and built with his wife where it may be a little harder some time. To keep the business of finances. In check. Installing any software on your computer. To assist with what we call -- budget the terms that you're not familiar with the which is what we're going to tell anybody we don't have a budget that he's 54000 US dollars. And is. But it's 54000. Dollars what's wrong with that bill -- of going back your -- -- -- -- and pay it forward. He's -- and small business owners find success as well hopefully to the degree that you reached as well thanks for stopping by today threatening. Thank you yes so 54000 dollars for -- back I mean it's. -- pop idol got to have something wrong and put that in your mind possibly ten. An effort -- well but you have you have to -- -- credit for the fact that she's just kind of like a bond at -- man was. The convincing story it is not and that was not convincing -- -- and I never happened in my I don't know for sure. You have a beautiful wife a baby boy congratulations. To books what is the secret to the success you know -- not a little bit a lock certain. Me and I spent some years working with Donald Trump red and he rubbed off on -- a little bit. But always doing things I've enjoyed and I think that's that at the -- at the end of the day if you love what you're doing you're excited about it you're gonna put more time and you're going to be willing to make the sacrifices -- need. To be successful -- you put you put a lot of time and it obviously off the camera but. There's a good deal of your life that is for the audience that -- that you sharing your show. Do you ever get to the point where you say you know I really just I need a break I just -- the cameras were off. Well a couple is my wife and I the executive produces the show so we we do get to control the content what happens but. Most important when we started to show we made -- deal with each other that we're gonna use to show for good not evil and unlike most the reality shows out there. You know our shows wholesome you can watch with your kids -- and we've really tackled a lot of important issues from infertility to breast cancer to -- -- work in Haiti. And I think we've you know. We're very proud of what we've done and we've been able to help people along the way -- I wanted to ask you about it because I mean everyone was obviously rooting for -- on and and for both of you guys and at the same time when -- -- constantly. Will and when those kinds of emotional and very delicate issues are out there for for public consumption. It must put a lot of pressure on you to not only understand how your going to deal with it internally and just between the two of -- but also. How what's going to be perceived well it certainly there were a lot of private moments that we didn't share and private conversations but. You know we thought to ourselves while we have this amazing platform. -- people who watch each week. And for us not to utilize it properly would have been a disservice and I can't tell you the number of people who will come up to us and say. -- thank you my wife finally went and got a mammogram. And with breast cancer as you know it's all about early detection if you if you catch it early. You've got a 90%. Chance -- everything's going to be okay and that was what we wanted to really get through and shows a lot get checked put yourself on on the to do list. And don't wait you know for next week or next month is that turns in the years. The reality TV world obviously has been talking a lot about -- Teresa -- each -- on the real housewives of New Jersey and I wanted to get your perspective if you know as we've been covering it and we've been watching them in and out of the courthouse. Do you think that you offer -- different kind of viewpoint that maybe the rest of the public doesn't see because so much of your life is so public. I mean I think what you see is what you yet you know I don't think there's any if you. If you act -- and you do foolish things. You're gonna you're gonna -- you know you're gonna look foolish. And you know they've chosen that life and you know whatever they may have -- not a done. You know they're gonna have to. Go down that road -- and see what happens and I don't know them I don't really watch their show although my wife and her friends watch all of -- housewife shows they -- them. You know that's not only some that that I pay a lot of attention to but certainly I have seen the headlines and it sounds pretty serious yet it's it -- -- staffing office hasn't been that when the lines kind of get blurred between the reality and -- when the reality actually takes takes into the headlines. So aside from the books aside for the businesses you obviously now wanna give back your helping your -- as a small businesses -- about doing something that is. Is really exciting section of life changing event I have teamed up with intuit the makers of quick books. And we are launching a campaign just plant launched -- where were calling on small business owners from coast to coast to go to the website small business began dot com and register. And at the end of the campaign we're gonna give one lucky small business owner he fully paid fully produced commercial and the largest football game in the world. The Super Bowl you got no -- yeah that's right. Wow so you think about the impact that's gonna have. You know were were really excited -- were shining light on the importance of small business read and how important -- to the communities and we're really trying to get you know other people to rally behind small businesses and when you go out and shop you think about where you're spending your dollars and and how it's impacting your community so. It's an important campaign for me as a small business owner and certainly going to be very important to one lucky winner because when that commercial runs. You're gonna have 4050 who knows how many million people watching. I think it's gonna have a tremendous impact on their business and in really. Probably future generations within the family most small businesses. Have families involved and in it's gonna probably affect their kids and their kids kids because if they do this right and into he's gonna make sure that they're prepared and wanted to provide them with all the infrastructure and consultants and the tools to make sure that they can handle the onslaught of business. We think it's going to be pretty incredible for them. Yeah will with a captive audience I yeah if that's not too bad not a bad -- bigger than that bill -- thank you so much -- continued success to you thank you so much.

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{"id":19844625,"title":"Bill Rancic On Teresa and Joe Guidice Indictment","duration":"5:53","description":"Reality star says, \"If you do foolish things, you're gonna look foolish\"","url":"/Entertainment/video/bill-rancic-teresa-joe-guidice-indictment-19844625","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}