Bon Jovi Shake-Up, Richie Sambora Leaves 'Because We Can' Tour

The band cites "personal issues" for guitarist's departure; shows will go on as scheduled.
4:29 | 04/04/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Bon Jovi Shake-Up, Richie Sambora Leaves 'Because We Can' Tour
And now for all the latest Hollywood gossip we are so happy to be joined by rob shooter from -- but nice rob dot com and -- -- inside the big celebrity relatives -- will be enough to celebrity -- absolutely let's start my favorite real house. Lots of New York what's the -- this is the new suggested that we broke the story on -- but not from dot com that three of the ladies happy invited back remote enough. He was one of the original housewives of new you'll. -- he was a new lady and Carol. All three ladies that have been invited back last night there was a massive party and -- Angel brought these three ladies -- the -- not -- murder another three ladies. -- -- And song. -- the contest who have not been invited back I spoke to many province sources and -- exit they have not been fayed's. But they still is this something to get a contract negotiations adding to the races at times the rate since the ban on the show they always like to splice these -- These -- succeed or fail. On the -- they say they want some spicy ladies in that it. Invited three back the told the other three -- we'll wait -- -- he's not good -- and. Indeed I can't wait to see -- -- -- a -- love it love it so much. Because of about Bon Jovi world tour of US Richie Sambora -- simpler. Has long had a history with substance abuse he's spoken manner this many times he's been in rehab several times. They were about to start a massive -- -- a couple of days ago and hours before the show Richie Sambora pulled it's. The official reason is personal issues that have not elaborated on that there are some -- that that. He and he he and John did not agree on everything. This is not the first time the band has doubled to over with I reach -- the -- it he's against continued it is sold out. We don't know yet if we -- can enjoy and then a little bit later on. I worked for Bon -- for a couple of he some was around not bound to lots. It is that John bonds be shown John is that -- indicate that all of that box. Yeah eighties -- show it is he snagged the other guys are definitely bound Mendez but chums in shell launching his we're not sure yet what's gonna happen -- Get to speed on which -- and -- love life took -- idea but. I'm Bob native I -- not -- you -- yeah we'll have love -- -- he did -- -- -- choose who we know from Charlie sheen's ex the moment he is single. So -- if that's got anything to do it in Brazil. I guess that he's not. Oh my god now rob Kardashian and is looking so -- he is awesome -- what knowing I don't know if you pan. -- I'm not he's trying very very hard to lose -- he's in London and and he was seen -- -- through a very fancy. Sushi restaurant with a beautiful mystery Brunette. Also we don't know. -- -- the -- and should have. Which is a little -- things -- getting together and it didn't bother Gembara. Medical expenses that should it. I hadn't yet his -- in the wake them in this room is that. There's going to be some sort of big weight loss. Revealed just listens to make full million dollars budget in way way you can monetize. -- know how to make them yes -- very -- -- -- that now look a little bit about Lindsay Lohan she just can't catch basins -- This'll this'll just breaks behind Lindsay got bought from Brazil she was paid a 100000 dollars to -- basically in Brazil began -- A clothing line -- doesn't jumpers and hot she arrived back home late last night I spent so her mom. Yes the day the -- -- -- little multi school hugely who passed away after fifteen year some of society. Coming home and surprised this just happened -- just -- Dina told me that she didn't even break the news to Lindsay while she was in Brazil. She waited for to come. I'm too old dogs and a half it's I think down he's -- -- -- what does that tweets saying she was pregnant at that turn out to just in April -- but -- didn't say even in the mess that up -- and -- on the second act. So she spends it. And I'll -- the -- diet but let me -- Robinson to -- if you -- -- -- invaded again he could to.

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{"id":18881923,"title":"Bon Jovi Shake-Up, Richie Sambora Leaves 'Because We Can' Tour","duration":"4:29","description":"The band cites \"personal issues\" for guitarist's departure; shows will go on as scheduled. ","url":"/Entertainment/video/bon-jovi-shake-richie-sambora-leaves-tour-18881923","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}