Cocktail Tricks and Treats

Mixologist Josh Brandenburg shakes up some Halloween themed cocktails, so good they're scary.
2:53 | 10/30/13

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Transcript for Cocktail Tricks and Treats
-- -- gonna look at a few holiday cocktails something that you can make for your own Halloween party at home. First real look at -- called the -- revivalist. It's a twist on the classic cocktail hostess as part of what we're -- our blood orange juice and -- go ahead and use my cantaloupe. Girl right into the lemon juice -- is a half ounce of our simple -- Now we have a Laidlaw so -- -- our final component this is the alcohol the hard spirits is up and everybody loves to get in their salary to take attends they're shaken. Our final component into our Halloween cocktail something that gives a little bit of a flare. -- cut out a small little bits. You grab a match -- -- -- gonna take these inside out. Right at a cocktail. That's gonna had a beautiful little nice and smoked orange flavor -- air dropped right inside I don't know if you can smell it from there you probably can't. But in the air you get that burnt orange -- going through makes me think Halloween. All right supporter go -- build the forbidden. Were to go ahead first and -- we're gonna want to build our -- -- greeting is Cynthia. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Couple dashes of patient loads bidders because as we build this cocktail -- a nice green granny Smith -- can be great to have that red light colors aside. And analyzed trying to shake Afghan. Now we're gonna take up eleven prepared by taking the center out of it it's great night's plane. And we're just gonna pour cocktail right in there and then the -- that is going to be putting our Paramount on top. And sectors down you know how to fantastic cocktail. -- take a look at how to fall punch -- the witch's brew. So -- person we're gonna do. And again we're gonna grab -- -- and our Big Ten. We're gonna look at our basic spirit that were using as we're gonna look at our -- house seasonal pumpkin spice -- -- A little bit of lime juice lemon is something special that we whipped up. Here and this is a pumpkin I got a -- -- happy to bring you. Three amazing hot. Has your Halloween party. And from my meteoric. Happy Halloween.

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{"id":20731190,"title":"Cocktail Tricks and Treats","duration":"2:53","description":"Mixologist Josh Brandenburg shakes up some Halloween themed cocktails, so good they're scary.","url":"/Entertainment/video/cocktail-tricks-treats-20731190","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}