Will Ferrell and Adam McKay Both Reveal Their Favorite Part of 'Anchorman 2'

Hint: It's not the epic news team brawl.
3:00 | 12/20/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Will Ferrell and Adam McKay Both Reveal Their Favorite Part of 'Anchorman 2'
My question that I would ask any filmmakers. Actors writers -- -- He's when you look and anchorman Ted there's always a moment there's at least thirty seconds it expects short. That -- needs for you. Anybody else you don't care if it's a funny seeing that not funniest thing but that scene when you watch it. Hits you in a personal way and makes you -- -- that's what I wanted to do that's that's what I feel. While. I'd say the Paramount logo. That is yeah the Paramount logo again misty every yeah. We didn't shoot it right it's beautiful call. Its majestic it's majestic dealer you can use but he came to you -- -- We'll legally we haven't -- For real though the one. Shot in the movie that I do honestly that feeling about it and I told -- when we shot -- ago that might be the most beautiful strange. Fantastic thing we've ever shot is when he. And I am -- something here we kisses the shark on this now. That one shot. Yeah and told -- Hollywood -- I go that's the best thing we've ever shot like it's an amazing. The light is filtering through and it's just a man with Simon and Garfunkel playing -- kissing the snout of a great white shark. I'm sure you use the -- -- -- because it cost money to realize the real music and and if they're highly treatable. Which we didn't realize it's really -- together bears the ultimate paradise back all sort of take -- -- Valeant is joy that I got better era there. Blatantly misunderstood creature. We want to point looked to me at 315. Foot great white sharks we've gotten off the coast of South Africa and they were doing flips like -- dolphin show. And going through hoops and they would come -- and snuggle with you and scratch their nose. I mean anyone watching this I would say if you see great white shark go up to and and -- it. And that's just decide it's turned -- and -- holiday since week. And the people that. Will -- the shark that will die because of what you just told -- I don't think you know comes with the territory which is safe while they don't hire you for a and you occasionally. Lose a foot. Sure of course but it you can lose a foot with a dog tells us that the medical profession or child and -- -- hug a child and -- -- -- but this is all Adams feeling. About him. What. What issue here let's get inside that a woman who -- see what's going on site will maybe it's not hard at all. You're my favorite moments in our movie okay and they don't involve me -- there and I'm going to be spoiling something as well. But -- -- and played by Steve Correll has has a love interest in our film. He needs of which the lovely Charney and -- who's played by Chris in the -- and they are two kindred souls. And those scenes. In front of an audience play with humor. And you can hear some people actually. Going. My name's Rick I was just last week hundred. What's your name -- Chinese. And extra money. Which. Tony and I told out of -- -- of my favorite scenes in the movie and the odd connection that happens this. In a weird way. This beautiful little bizarre love story that's insane. To have in this movie are they might be my favorite moments. See note that just proves that all actors. Who -- stars who -- paid 400 million dollars -- moving as Willis. Com for 25 foot four -- five. Can actually mention another cast member. Without any. -- or -- it was nice. That was like I've never had that happen. Was really amazing what the grinch my heart just grew a little bit. And that -- from him.

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{"id":21288355,"title":"Will Ferrell and Adam McKay Both Reveal Their Favorite Part of 'Anchorman 2'","duration":"3:00","description":"Hint: It's not the epic news team brawl. ","url":"/Entertainment/video/ferrell-adam-mckay-reveal-favorite-part-anchorman-21288355","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}