'Idol' Alum Constantine Maroulis Heads Back to Broadway Stage

Maroulis shows his split personality in the Broadway revival of "Jekyll and Hyde."
4:51 | 04/12/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'Idol' Alum Constantine Maroulis Heads Back to Broadway Stage
He -- his heart out on American Idol season four earned a Tony nomination for his lead in broadway's rock of ages and now Constantin -- list is showing he's got a split personality. And the revival. -- Jekyll and Hyde. Power no matter if it's jackal or its high gas but we've got a bald -- -- constantly thanks for being with us today angry -- seeing -- senior as well -- -- -- the premise of the show. Well it's based on the Robert Louis Stephenson Novell you know from the 1880s beautiful poetic. You know probably the original. Story. For everything you know superhero that we grew up -- -- of the incredible Hulk you know everything Batman Spiderman you know that sort of hidden. You know dark creature within. Within this other man in -- jackal the good guy. Hi -- course you get the ultimate metaphor we use in our every -- life and sports and work everything so. I'm really this is a stage -- -- of the Stevenson Novella. I first ran very successfully on Broadway in the mid ninety's so many stars came and this is a totally re imagined. Beautiful new production very rocked -- sexy. I'm still family show but definitely right on the edge. And now we're excited we we've -- out on the road for seven months while and we've made some adjustments and we're right it is. To hit -- -- -- -- about matters should he got two personalities on stage what about off state. At least -- Africa -- -- -- higher ideal vehicle to -- -- do very healthy existence will now mom dad. You know that I'm still you now busy -- -- -- altogether. I don't know -- have a great family you know and then I'd grown up in the New York area this is always been my dream you know to be on Broadway. From watching west -- -- -- when I was a kid with my. My folks in my family -- and out all the Greek. People from the old neighborhood my mother and father knew a lot of the dancers that dance with -- Robbins at the time and all so. From that Mo -- from then on Wizard of Oz you know those original -- this is always what I want it sure out of one it'd be like Bruce Springsteen Bon Jovi as well. But yeah -- You can't come really close that wouldn't exactly call when -- you know listen it's not to die so excited I just to be part of black great new work is this the ultimate are so when -- have a -- -- with you right now because obviously the -- -- your exit. -- -- -- So the fact the matter is -- -- you can show both sides on the stage you can show the jackal you can show -- -- a lot of people know -- from americanized -- you know a lot of people a lot of the big names are American -- so wanna have a little fun with please. I want -- pair up a couple of people. And I wanna hear from you jackal or hide -- -- -- makes and friend let's do it what exactly who Randy Jackson Simon Cowell. Wow. That weight -- -- -- -- -- that doesn't matter now what you're gonna get that kind of a focal. Wow -- actually Simon is so deceiving -- Friendly yet he really is also off camera really cool guy both of them really cool they got a lot of swagger Som Emily have them lean a little bit more -- -- more -- -- -- Resolved right. I think you know. How does -- -- and you bring the ladies and you have to be a little there's things I know and things are sick now I'm just. So Tom honestly both of them to my favorite singers of all time religious. Tremendous certainly more jackal -- -- I think so while -- RC so you're you're one for one on this. -- -- a different. You know started on animal takes over for them -- art Lafley Clay Aiken and Ruben Studdard. Wow yeah mom -- and you know. Santos settled it was a second season showdown for America and I really was yeah. And I'm and I think that they're both shackles -- Are. Are his takes a certain. Energy. Behind him. It's complete and -- put it up quite nicely on Broadway a little bit and doing very well thank Jacqueline -- thank you so much still runs until June 30. We're we're here through June 30 Deborah Cox is of course my -- -- he's amazing integrates armor so and to make it happen and I congratulate and thank you yes.

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{"id":18941302,"title":"'Idol' Alum Constantine Maroulis Heads Back to Broadway Stage","duration":"4:51","description":"Maroulis shows his split personality in the Broadway revival of \"Jekyll and Hyde.\"","url":"/Entertainment/video/idol-alum-constantine-maroulis-heads-back-broadway-stage-18941302","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}