Jessica Simpson's 'New Beginnings'

Celebrity endorser announces her second pregnancy in ad for Weight Watchers.
0:30 | 12/26/12

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Transcript for Jessica Simpson's 'New Beginnings'
I'm Jessica Simpson and this year is all about new beginnings for me. I lost over fifty pounds on Weight Watchers and did not have to be perfect to do it. Being healthy has become a part of who I am which is great timing because I'm having another baby. I feel like I'm on top until our own energy -- -- -- Weight Watchers 360 program because when a weight loss program has built for human -- -- you can expect amazing join for free and expect amazing. Because it --

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{"id":18066499,"title":"Jessica Simpson's 'New Beginnings'","duration":"0:30","description":"Celebrity endorser announces her second pregnancy in ad for Weight Watchers.","url":"/Entertainment/video/jessica-simpson-announces-pregnancy-18066499","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}