John Stamos Talks 'Fuller House'

The actor talks about starring in two shows, "Fuller House" and "Grandfathered."
6:45 | 03/04/16

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Transcript for John Stamos Talks 'Fuller House'
And the very talented and handsome John stamp house is breaking hearts as uncle Jesse. On full house and as a lady loving bachelor discovers he's got a grown child and grandchild to never know about. Been there done that his a look at grandfather watched a lot. I don't think for a while and you've seen did a number of women have not you all sorts of women. Flops blue nets 25 euros 28 year old twins definitely right right right and what is the one thing that none of them had. A college degree and no no walk in privileges to my part right so mark. As my witness I hereby give Catherine Sanders permission to come and go at her lecture those signing in. No Bosnia that is against leasing company policy right thanks mark. And other. I think everybody gets that. I didn't want latter not only loved them and they'll do an I don't stand for any one time things getting but after that hello it's sad to get back interaction. We now know the girls actually. I'll bet that doesn't. They had a really good and every collegiate to fill half OK yes I'm going says who have burning question then there do you like you women submissive or dominant. I I'm. Atlanta. I dislike my women either way I. Yeah yeah yeah so that was a non answer railway. But we're alleged get a pass the buck and I certainly did get a lot going on in the lots of this husband eleven you've got to is starring in a producing two hit shows right now from. Solar house and grandfathered don't right answer. I'm really thrilled about you're on tour with the Beach Boys yes that's seven and Elena. Kagan helped Obama came. Mega fill my life that is my all time favorite thing I'm have been playing since 85. There's a hang around with them and this. This is funny you know they they but there really cool would that either in older gentleman but their super hit the social media and their they're happy when I did my club. I'll play drums so long as it's a summit treat stainless Delmas of them solo on this in particular stock but the other lot of grabbed my well first I got my focus is girl I'm dating. And she loves the so called it Donna. All faiths tomorrow night. Okay. They're deep they're. But it should let this on Disney girls like her own face time get a day like I grabbed trumpet put it in front of the and the whole thing was shooting people were and I thought I got away with a procure treatment houllier facetime and people love you on. Alex social media you also started a hash tag state most home videos me and he posted one a little while ago with our own Candace can liberate gonna placement as. Can you she's like ten years old their right thank them. What I was the latest video. We're going on here. What we are and why are sharing a Missouri why should comic nerd boy for some reason. I love it into forgetting that people are loving hash tags peep this show means so much to people he hides it it's really been beautiful thing sort of bring it back and as you guys spoke discord is at all time high right now on indecency is is that little on the low side so it's nice have a show like this for house grandfather. Beach Boys I mean you know wholesome good stuff I just finished in Florida with them for weakening tomorrow I'm an Austin. And Lubbock and album in popularity and success in the couple. Humbly and I'm excited by Diana did yeah. I'm gonna you know I don't know I don't they come along with yeah. Makes me think setup on the Mike but yeah. That back here. I'm that you lot of anger here and he went and he didn't get it then let's say you can't is testing the growing role little horny than. Are they are. We not seeing right now Clinton doesn't it lonely coast addiction and Bob cited him and he out did your Siemens. The riot. And then gave cooling it came in he tried out to all of you so I guess my question is what do you have placed next a life. This is goodbye I ask snuck in here early this morning that nothing else to do and and think again. And I did a little thing we did was show that they've self. Every day I served in the senate ought not be grandfathered which I I thought is that grandfather aunt before her head and a decorated him. I did not elaborate sexy the slop. Restaurant over the corner and ladies' man Jimmy Marti now. Italian name we agree it's close right price his size that is a father and a grandfather or it wants things that you want to Clinton's fourteen years why is that. It's a good representation of of of a guy that you think has at all you know we'll Florio cookies to door if you will lean and and it's you see the other side of a guy like this who's to know that justice and secure nervous and you know insurance office as you know everyone has but it sees a very Smart very layered character I love the writing on the show very proud of the show. Please just tell us that Josh Peck yes I know yeah drugs again there right yeah these are intact he's wondered what. And the whole cast has really wonderful and that the last five. So that our beloved the most causes from straight up wrong com. The pageant Brewster whose fantastic on there it's of great cast a great show and I've I've talked too much about it that's. The attack they know what we always enjoy having it so well thanks for doing this thank you very much thanks to John stay not a cent go to Lois.

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{"id":37402845,"title":"John Stamos Talks 'Fuller House'","duration":"6:45","description":"The actor talks about starring in two shows, \"Fuller House\" and \"Grandfathered.\" ","url":"/Entertainment/video/john-stamos-talks-fuller-house-37402845","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}