Killer Mike on Quote: 'A Uterus Doesn't Qualify You to Be President'

The rapper and activist explains the context of his comments and discusses politics.
7:17 | 02/19/16

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Transcript for Killer Mike on Quote: 'A Uterus Doesn't Qualify You to Be President'
Also known as killer might Kabul it's getting killed by Hillary's support is right now for saying that quote. A uterus doesn't qualify you to be president at eight Bernie Sanders campaign rally early at this week so he's joining us at the table to talk about this right now so please welcome rapper and activist until I. Yeah heck you look at what Mike yeah that your statement has ruffled some feathers out with a lot of people I mean not talk about it. Well let's not say ruffling feathers who don't want over feminized it and in place but this is we don't want to insult the chicken takes a client. Am I haven't advocate since I was fifteen years ul an ally. Are on the behalf of women and gulf disenfranchised. I entered the movement because I was fighting for the rights of black people. And what I'm art was the same thing at a press is black people. Oppressors lesbians and gays oppressed as women oppressed as minorities other than blacks the presence immigrants because it is a system that I'm Clark. That's how nope horrible Hillary Clinton. I'm not gonna get sir I have something against big money being in politics. I have something against you telling me I must bolt for someone because I'm black or you must vote for someone because your one. That was not quote the quote what is this I was speaking to giant Elliott please global that may. In a private conversation Russian acidic but giants hit to me perhaps in the sit out just sit back take SE. But days it Michael when asked who she voting for about solutions a liberal progressive woman she was voting for Hillary my assumption got quickly deep ball. She said Michael a uterus does not qualify one to be president of the United States could not name set at Schneider yeah but. This is the important part that the black reporter Michael who quoted at one Latin didn't quote the libertarian reporter. Damn him. He didn't while good it see it the expectations. Should be social justice in this is what social justice he is. If black people were offered to moral every right we hit every designer. The cost of a woman's right with the cost of a gay rights of the cost of an immigrant rights I would say thank you but no thank you because debt appease his need it helps Smart people but social justice is warning for weeks. When I want for all the law. All of the guys. Katie Jane I want you are quoting James and essentially repeating it isn't that also condone an absolutely it is condone it is bad that is the trying to -- week you guys doing that. Tapped out. Young women are being bullied. By their mothers but older women the same way I've been bullied my oldest civil rights were armed and I'm leaders that I love many people voted for Obama because he was black and some people but because it was black against him they did so I don't know did you win that case I voted for Obama because I believe that the policy of one here health care was worth it. I'm supporting stomped senator Bernie Sanders because he was used to seeing that comes to four for wasting good enough good enough if people tell you. And also enough is not the site that you say enough is enough out. While. You than a uterus and and gene that and uterus doesn't qualify you to be the president but what went out her decades of experience in politics. Being the secretary of state of disaster caught my carrying I. It doesn't disqualified or qualified simply say it's that I have a choice between two politicians who were equal in terms of asking for my vote when looking at the records of Dole's what I'd do without a Martin Luther King has been my greatest greatest political theories and daughter in mob life. I put every politician I have voted for or against. On a table but tracing paper and see how their policy matches up with the social justice policy of doctor Martin Luther king and when I put Hillary's on the air she comes up short and Adam did you get a race. When I put. What I could happen when I put all knew what I can put people about how does little personal I'll have to. When I put Bernie Sanders there it is almost traceable wide for months old for a week for many adults are little people of Robert de villa's take that bet for me I have to bolt for the props for the politician that is about social justice not winning for art even if you feeling in Maine I didn't ever to get anything done while just below the web because they we have a very. I've very obstructionist congress going on they get trouble to Obama had to sit him trump let it sit Kyra we failed Obama wouldn't even go back out of bono's meats aren't we get a bill seeks to the Tea Party fans. Politician in the race today that does not say IDC as we. He says I won't solve the problems we wield a taken that shouting out good earlier on the show which brought about trump vs appalled. What do you think about that story I think people need to leave their religion at home I would love to see up male Pol Pot to integrate it. I'd say if I'm an American I want religion out of politics I don't hear your Christian. I don't hear the Muslim I don't care through June. I can't that you care about the people of America in progress must pay if politics or do you think the Pope went over the line that's not as I think the Pope did when a religious leaders should do he says that he cited the good part of religion that christianity is about low it is all encompassing it's about six and off anyone in with debts they hit the Catholic Church has far particle in recognition of women's rights and productively and I love to see a female Pope plot I don't want to and I I. Oh I don't. Apparently we haven't come went on to say I'm never you know the president every second it. But don't symbols matter I mean we in 2008 a lot of black people who have settled for President Obama matter 'cause he was black that's why not have a female president. We aren't going to have a female president I want to female president that is not taking the money. From corporations that your reasoning that that's I happen yap with conservatism. Should welcome to talk about should have been out first female president should just sit back while. As longest morals and money. Are at war in this country. Morals capped off the loss ours pair reasonable bulls off the law this is our one time past Obama to bolt our morals to vote out dignity. We have no change campaign fun day they tried to check and I sat back but you know he's not gonna change it by just. Battle ready money and that we playing live idea that I can't we had to raise money because that's how the city to mark no no he weighs 27 dollars per person in. Asked that attacks he also has been nursing since nothing super pac about Goldman that is also has its. Also super percent of his friend a superpower but you know the locally the dealer idol. Don't want my article I know you don't don't want yeah all the way to the opposite is that you should you have no money no I'm not saying you shouldn't have any money loves it as a group of nurses putting their money together to elect someone whose pro woman writes is different from Goldman Sachs who abandoned your dad's after the break example thirty billion dollars in overdraft fees last year none of that money came back to customers none of debt when he comes back to taxpayers. All of that money when it's what kept well it. Every time I really basic what you really really really nice Mike. Me here and I write back.

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{"id":37059459,"title":"Killer Mike on Quote: 'A Uterus Doesn't Qualify You to Be President'","duration":"7:17","description":"The rapper and activist explains the context of his comments and discusses politics. ","url":"/Entertainment/video/killer-mike-quote-uterus-qualify-president-37059459","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}