'Behind the Lens': Special FX makeup artists reveal exclusive design for ABC News

Academy Award winner Joel Harlow and Lenny MacDonald reveal an original special FX makeup design with ABC News' Lesley Messer.
13:22 | 04/28/17

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'Behind the Lens': Special FX makeup artists reveal exclusive design for ABC News
I'm Lesley messer senior entertainment editor with EVE news and and in California in total. The these two created meaning and eating fish Hearst and hyper it using special effects. Right actually you on this is what this is what actually looked like before. And I'll show you what she looks like now. I felt pretty clothes and it. In. And just an hour. Yet and you're good yeah it didn't for the application time it took a little more than Aaron it's probably an hour now with. Edition of field services. This is kind of what we have going on here if you want we can sit down in the chair and I can explain. Sort of what we did dash. His back on that. And yet it's. Okay so now what we're look and a this is three piece make right so you've got skills here and a face and then when he's made some T the gills. Look like this. This is the. Right side so that you can see is glued right in there. You know it's one obviously on Ashley's face in and of silk. Yes exactly silicone and the left is good writing here. And in the face is a one piece. Sculpture. Food right over the top of him actually. And then when he and I painted it. One that it finished at you know we've got a layer of clear slime over the top of it to maker look like she just crawled under the ocean. Could stand to be re let this. Yes. Speedway. He made. It's closer and modern hair. You. Nice and still watch and Iran explain these prisoners are not a subtle art yeah I think well I was inspired to do. When Johnson exited a fish make up. We're inspired dish you Prada. So these were inspired me. They're extremely sharp and I was I was worried that they actually cutter has the appointments she's pretty and helpers and she says. Colors so they are razor sharp they're made out of Donald crow like the same kind of material. People would make dentures. Company that you took actually mold he took expertise and he. So in great form right now but basically as I'm scoping them I'm trying to make shoot them might say. So I gave her eight under by which is. It characteristic or prompt Iran has happened under lights that's there that's what they're known for. In the same way any sculpted DT over the top the top or ash released he cast. Is how I sculpted prosthetic or over the top. Ashley's face cast so. In and creating teeth you know what you need is union representation. Ashley's team. Same thing with the face him in if I want this to fit her perfectly. I need to Scott that are routed top. A representation of her days so this is a cast upriver praise from Star Trek beyond which we had before. I came in the beginning in the week animal lewdness and then jumped into a one day sculpture which is this like an insurance here. And then I'm Biden sculpted this out one day molded it the next day. And then Josh Sachs ran it for me on Wednesday and here we are on Friday. Application. Team mines is base skills. Whole thing with. Him on Tuesday morning. Castor T impression. Next day's sculpted it. Next loses Needham. Last night oh. Offer you are wrong you at all and Holler at that he. Yeah I'll let it it all starts as. A tooth color which is. Pretty much what most people which is number 6062. So pretty as white in color and and it's H down. Minutes it's it's. Done layers and layers layers. King why blue. Grain. And yes. Mine mine a father. Joseph Preston check there. It's so. I. I just want throws out what other things about you know there's anybody at home you know that's experimenting with prosthetic makeup you know perfect second thing. I am. I mean he really make a conscious effort when we're doing something like this to create an entire care. Which is why we've got this sort of 1920s. You know distressed very distressed or group with her aunt gets you see I mean it if she was wearing just her street clothes. With this make up it would take you out of character who wouldn't be youthful character at that point looking makeup or make a perfect. With the wardrobe with that there with the keep the lines is the face. Everything becomes a character and all past and Nash and live together as one as one entity and that's you know that's something that we. We pride ourselves and it is not just creating make cuts by creating terrorists. Which is why it is and from here it take over here and yeah photograph period. An additional pieces via. The stroller here so it's not just think it's not just a wardrobe notches to make up its. The fire and nobody knows what's inside stroke imagining could be officially suppose then yeah. Exactly. Formally and. I don't. Actually like yourself completely and it is for that's gad. Veronica yeah. The nice. Bargain comes out with her on it ironic. Comment take about. End thank. I want Veronica. So I'm he went his have a mix of facial gestures like where they eyes wide open on Regis yeah. Go crazy oh expressions. You contact lenses. Are yet. This is contact lenses were painted by Christina Patterson vying effects are always a brilliant contact lens Boehner. And these were some minds is that happened to be the right size. Or actually. We have her measurements from the characters you poisons are tree beyond two characters actually Macaulay and ask. Basket would also be content. And. Like the idea what you think your colleagues' frustrations trying yeah. I'm. This job. Markets in and around me think it was I don't care for no apparent. She's. So what's next for our way if you. Then the next film. I'm I'm not at liberty to talk about right now. On but. The next step in this process. Is taking the mega ball which like I said before I'm not a big fan. I just because I two ways to address how it worked at Los I don't want him hands right Healy yeah. All the others are immaterial. Yet how we'll keep our it usually takes about. Forty minutes into apartments and this week like here we're gonna takers so as. Here. She's got a problem watcher one. That's. The hours. There. It. Snipers. He. San either. Yeah our bikes. Yeah. Is that your job boards and don't know and I tried to keep her sight but did but this sculpture does bevel while so it's forcing her lips. But you couldn't completes the aesthetic and you know a lot of times you know you'll get performers wearing extensive me like this that aren't. You know sometimes they don't even know that there are supposed to be and other buildings and future White House apostle. And on that oh yeah it's like nobody told him he's called punishment. They're finally. Honest. Doing something like this on actually you know somebody who's. Not just agreeable to it but actually excited about it. Is a tree for a yes he does that it really allows us to create of course we're doing it on a short time frame here jamming through it so. She knows you know restrictions. Sat there and you saw rocks to help me. Process and it certainly around somebody's eyes nose contact ones and sensitive eyes skin is very delicate work. Or is principal around there you know here. It's because it's right there. Q who's really mad at us she could buy it we Harry anyway seriously. Injured and yet here it's. As sharp as the race. That. It. Machines matches. In yeah yeah and I think you know. It takes what it takes to do this is passion. Real events you know if you ask me what I thought it takes to do this this action it's too. May cops when you don't have to do so it's. You know even if you horror you know have some modicum of success in this industry. It's still doing characters are still making. Art. Really when you don't have to you know since following that artistic bash. You know that leads us to do stuff like this which you know when you finishes school. But it. And everything but they're also lets them create. It. It. In. Yuma. Yeah yeah I think we. B each other's minds of acres no you know what's going to get it. If you close. For all. That right Morgan Monaghan. Veronica you know. But what do you say actually. A front. And unity. And and will be on twins. He's. EB. She said fun way. And it you're just ring that there's an editor for it. Probably. Or politics what biologists. I assume we are ready on her right at her apology I don't step and I look any any regularity that at a copy. More quality. Special character. Which are. Made. Actually. And and seeing it. Work that the US backed me up. Stay tuned to news for all the details comes do you make everything else celebrity. I am actually master use.

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{"id":47096196,"title":"'Behind the Lens': Special FX makeup artists reveal exclusive design for ABC News","duration":"13:22","description":"Academy Award winner Joel Harlow and Lenny MacDonald reveal an original special FX makeup design with ABC News' Lesley Messer. ","url":"/Entertainment/video/lens-special-fx-makeup-artists-reveal-exclusive-design-47096196","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}