Behind the lens: How visual effects bring cinematic fantasy to life

ABC News' Lesley Messer speaks to Adam Valdez, a visual effects supervisor nominated for an Oscar for his work in The Jungle Book.
16:03 | 02/16/17

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Transcript for Behind the lens: How visual effects bring cinematic fantasy to life
Andrew I'm luckily master has even higher her EU's and I am Culver City a day when you know more it. Angela fixing the CE alerts I'm John Obama and his condition. Yes. He be here every. Bremer the play a little way in the child. Acts as a little rare case. That says the magic of the movies that you believe this kid. Let's just chasing her at all he has an engineer with all that. It's we're getting our view on every day's lessons like tracks. Charities you can obviously to me that. Hair. Where. It's not considered safe practice Harry yeah. And dangerous and together for so. And also it's not see me child actors you know I don't know her extensive periods of time. A lot of people have asked what. Not shoot. He says. Our car. The other issue just be. Real. I think this scene. The thing to think about it is that army you bands that are happens special. World order creating. Whether. Oh. Here and easy it is is a special place you practice. In essence you can't really find any of these places you know he's this their off his back. All honesty and started partner means. The last few years. And easy we have two main offices in London and that he wanted Hiller. Yeah. Happy thing you know their leads and India and between this excites me about 800 people who. Network on the hill between these places. Over the course of this two years so it's obviously pretty massive undertaking. There really it's it's that are in the great group of people that are really creatives are use computers cherry. Yeah do that. Yeah yeah and. Mark yeah it's. This is engraved. Disagrees now. Well. Typical shy set up from the Spellman what you can see is how. We have on the sound stage of this screen and that's how we separated things we want to keep. In the movie from from the background. Replace Democrat you can see the little boy here this is Nielsen theater actor he's walking over this blue. And as I. Scrub or here we're gonna see. How wrong. That's going to be what he's walking through when we see that final picture. And now that's procurement assure you we're gonna just introduce in layers we're gonna replace the background. And the branches he's Johnson now we're introducing the computer graphics losing the artists make in the computer. This is a way we can just show you how. The world is built up in layers and eventually we're gonna take all the crew and almost hostage we here's you can see. The final. Industry itself already played our times and everybody can. Can see. The progression here. And this is very typical of how the movie was found. That you know we we did it all inside of us have station downtown Los Angeles Times partner community. Why it is maybe California may spell. And when you're working. And technical sessions complicated everything else being oh on base secretly. Work together over and over insane literally the same spot. I can show you I think importantly. Made clear is that it was the carrying innocent is that some bees. This. All of that stuff you're seeing here is made in the computer as young as three dimensional geometry if you think about it video game you might see someone play. The fact they can move through three dimensional world. This is a completely three dimensional world we start off with a background image of the sky but you'll see. Every later. Is created. We dressed thousands of plants into the scenery. Individually. Now we're in the foreground react all of these times we we we color at reliant we have tax turn changed everything. Another example here makes its load here. This is a scene and in in the jungle. Where where my only means the snake. And here's your wand shop from film. And and you can see now as we move around this is three dimensional realist not a photograph that's just me from geometric shapes. And those shapes than half texture and you don't textures and colors apply. There's a group of people who even work on how different materials look what's. How does relief response allay criticism Robertson will or that affair a creature. All this have to be worked out as an as a foreign computer. Graphics work. And you can see how that seems that is used for another child that's possibly really built east as proper says they're just. In the computer. And then we worked out for different shots in the movie. When angle should be issues needle. Let actions stage. And later married to by outlining. The computer world with the real world touch as a basis. It's like you're me that he chaos and play my action. He's it's like we saw this they have computer products sold here and we said okay. That terrorists and the computers now we watch. Probably. You know walking ear. It's. Redefined. Oh lead to do something here ago right that plus days. Perfectly aligned and hero. Into. React if you're angle she. So that later they will. 300 people who anything more thank you. Test your eyes lighting. Color there are people who. Faced various. Specialized fields so you know. There people who do the animation of the characters there people who. Lay out. Her own characters violence there people who class like this it's very much like real moviemaking Harry movies who make says. People who act people who do know landings or cars the camera. We really have all the same news people there they just weren't computer. And then a loss. These computers and here's that makes software that you created technology and techniques. So it's very eccentric who murdered people the hair. When action news. How we actually do lately can interact race fan. So here here we aren't a little funny where our process with with our actor again. And we have these wonderful. People from Jim Henson company's puppeteers who really understand how to. We work with puppets and their area where how to work paparazzi cameras track and it and they would represented what we mean he's puppets they call and they were represented. The exact size that in this case it did your hand there. So that when Mobley. Russia's. As the years you can even see his cheek is touching the puck. Glass and really get interactive with we know that that's gonna Wear later when we introduce you care. So we know. That at least Esiason and is correct you can see that poses a little bit different you know hence it is an angle. You know that I sort of believe it right like it's really. And there when he lets go. There are seeing space means you can terrible pressure to act as it's how it's. Hillary has yeah and here's another where where this is a very emotional season. Where mostly saying goodbye to his mother. So well I was almost has raised ten years and you just imagine. Yes he's he's acting to this puppet. An emotional interplay RK FC is our camera. Is is an actor working being the voice of the mother and working with you know to do this season's absolutely essential that kind of emotional and actually. I'm this is uninteresting one because. John. Holding back him he really wanted to that the contact him very intimate and we were worried about. Hands interacting with the fair so we built another puppet again that's the same size of the mother will. And here we give very. Which is about half the size of the final. Link that hair and clean. We watched only bring in the computer graphics were. You'll see that he. Seniors and his handler and didn't fares and in fact this great portion of the hand is a computer and and we Matt that hand location. To perfectly matched wits with meals arm here. And we try all of this and three dimensional space you know there are. And then we simulate the fur movement. Ask. Slowly moves his fingers through this bird you simulate firm movement in the computer. And then we by a lagging color. And then there's a transition here from a computer hand into it is real arms. And that completes the magic you're right it is it is time. Then I started with a an analyst pieces in the mandolin. Hopefully you don't see the difference there yeah this just goes past you and before you know it. You're just absorbed in the moment you're not paying attention to the track. It's just this it's really remarkable it's really aren't in this. Yeah MPC artists are and it's. It only takes creativity. And technical skills that a lot of diligence. You know it is something there was slipping and slap the year I think you're cash right kind of hurry and you wouldn't. As an audience member. Things are thinking about how this may in the end authorized to talk about it crack down on me about. So what they have. All he has not impossible to me I have heard you let it. The biggest. I think the biggest challenge will is. Photographic. We. I mean the image. The world that animal the bull. We're. Karen things earnings and made another example there's a huge the final stage hearing is taking all. All trying to give you photograph looks like work program and in and then in a way when I'm saying is ours whereas all it. You know if anyone think this that well. Damaged well right Chad. And I think but I think trying to say is that mass. Us. Very. Very human pictured together. It is this nation and everything creating an entire world has is insanely difficult to view me animals be pain and really believe it's seeming to schools do. Meeting in the lately surface examining different goals and then. When it all comes together. You have to make photograph work. The final piece. We'll get out. Humans eat more and more are. Years where where. The only national academy. Needs here. There's there's two levels. One on the one hand. From from a computer graphics and artistry and if you I think you know I'm really proud. Everyone who isn't at all I think when you. When a movie like this comes along and you start. Here in should orders in the movie's going to be great you don't and you're not sure. How much time you're gonna. You can get in an instant we're. Doing everything just clicked into place this time we had a great director of artery disease his niece of the horrors. And a lot of great artists and that artists presage. So I get this nomination as a recognition. All these people's hard work. I went to the Oscar nominees luncheon. A few weeks ago and I looked around me and I couldn't believe whoever's standing and yes heroes of the mind and that fellow and a personal. I was really surprised. You know I just feel like hearing parents and humorous these people. That. At a personal. Some. Stereo crazy and proud of that in house. And tolerate. And he needs movies. As well. People hit us yet anyway. And then seventy artists being recognized experience nominations. We have crisis to me it was wonderful. My. There yeah hey hey can you entire process. Fifteen minutes past or that he wants me here. I just think we want we want us you know even like the idea. Audiences again vs they don't think about how we do this but you think it's nice. Recognizes that. You know filmmakers. Are trying so hard to me amazing experiences for a hands. And that testicles there. To. Again hundreds of artisans who are really crafting this it's not. When we hear computer graphics have been popular member it's really in our power to craft. There computer software makes possible it's really. You hear me. Wall can really aging here. Shower you with you thanks for your opportunity and laugh. And how experts and they aren't being passed and I am clean hair then and it can be used.

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{"id":45553066,"title":"Behind the lens: How visual effects bring cinematic fantasy to life","duration":"16:03","description":"ABC News' Lesley Messer speaks to Adam Valdez, a visual effects supervisor nominated for an Oscar for his work in The Jungle Book. ","url":"/Entertainment/video/lens-visual-effects-bring-cinematic-fantasy-life-45553066","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}