Martin Landau dead at 89

Landau starred in the 1960s TV show "Mission: Impossible" and won an Oscar for his role in "Ed Wood."
2:09 | 07/17/17

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Transcript for Martin Landau dead at 89
Hollywood legend Martin Landow the Oscar winning actor died Saturday at the age of 89 his career spanned seven decades can you believe it and one notable role. He turned down was that of Mr. Spock on starts track Star Trek. Here's George knock him. Morton komando had already been acting professionally for fifteen years when Mission Impossible turned him into it TV star. I have definite proof that he is trips during his career Landow performed on Broadway. And he did a lot of episodic television including many western rooms. His early movie roles included playing the villain opposite Cary Grant in the 1959. Alfred Hitchcock classic north by northwest. He also appeared in 1960 three's Cleopatra. With Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor. Like many actors Landow assault slumped in his career but it was reignited with great fondness. For his Oscar nominated work in 1980 eight's Tucker the man and his dreams. Tree she. A year after his supporting Oscar nomination he got another one for crimes and misdemeanors the third time was the charm. Even I. Landow won the supporting actor Oscar for his poignant portrayal in Ed Wood of horror movie legend bella go see in his later years. These last few days have been. Include time. It's important. Miss your peers who are voting for. Thanks have been have. Pat on the back. Rendell never stopped working you played you pedo in the 1996 movie the adventures of Pinocchio. In 2001 starred with Jim Carrey in the drama the majestic. And this year Landow when Paul Sorvino premiered at the TriBeCa film festival in the last poker game George did not feel for ABC news. Quite election thanks for watching have a great day.

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{"id":48676485,"title":"Martin Landau dead at 89","duration":"2:09","description":"Landau starred in the 1960s TV show \"Mission: Impossible\" and won an Oscar for his role in \"Ed Wood.\"","url":"/Entertainment/video/martin-landau-dead-89-48676485","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}