Otis Redding and the 50th anniversary of the Monterey Pop Festival

Jonathan Gould, author of a new biography about Otis Redding, shares details about Redding's performance at Monterey.
3:47 | 06/20/17

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Transcript for Otis Redding and the 50th anniversary of the Monterey Pop Festival
As we mentioned that he died so young at 26 surprise to a lot of people as you mentioned because he was so mature or you know. So sort of physically had a dominant as well. But it's also fifty years from the Monterey pop the ball which was a huge turning point we're here for music yes in America tell me about. Well. What's it would set a better this month rate was that he crossed over light audience there that's a little too simple. Otis got a store thing for way. So that's gonna start playing for white fraternities at Georgia and Alabama and all of these. That's what that's that's what black pit where black bands played in their here in this. In the so when they were getting starter for not a lot of money. And before Monterey he had played. The whiskey go go which was rock and roll club. The Sunset Strip in. Los Angeles and that's about as well right and wearing a tuxedo and if he thought he should dress up for this occasion. Wearing a tuxedo and disease that he needs Bob Dylan who was third definitely not wearing talks at halftime act. But that was with an enormous sort of breakthrough with the kind of hit Hollywood audience think it's that this would describe them. That was in in the spring of 1960s. And full of 1966 pleaded Fillmore. Not the Fillmore east but the original Fillmore auditorium. For pilgrim. And that was were that was at the beginning of the San Francisco scene as we think about it Graham who of course went on to become one of the great. If the greatest rock impresario of his generation. Had a very simple thing to say about that notices appearance at three odors at the Fillmore for three nights he said it was the best he ever put on. That was he wrote that 1993. Back on his career that was it for. So Otis. Knew that he could put himself across. At the same time though Monterey with the crowd. It was it was outdoor festival. The circumstances were that as bad as they could be he he went on it at 12 o'clock at night the fest with ballistic. Each night exposed to stop this curfews in the had to stop at 12 o'clock. So. It promoters of the fest will force that we need few short years that some hit five numbers with which to do. And one of the things about about him that again it's it's so impressive is. I can't think of an opportunity that he was presented with that he didn't capitalize. In and in a major way. And moderate minded. The prime example that. It was raining everything was wrong fit that. It shouldn't have gone well gone well he came out and he just again it would needed the studio teachers took command of the whole situation. The first song he did was with the Sam Cooke song called shake he just walked onstage. Snatched a microphone. Flashed this big grin. And just shattered it would shake you know and the could see it actually on. You know. Things Monterey pop film the audience seems certain hope it's effective date lately that you were mutilated lunged backwards. And the nieces shake the levee here the whole crowd and he hears the whole crowd at that point and I think he knew he had done that you know when that happened. It might be the greatest set that I've ever played it was recorder away everything about it it's just about it's just about perfect and it ends with. With try a little tenderness which is kind of a microcosm of his whole. Styles starts as a slow ballad and since that stomping rousing so danced. But it was it was. An incredible. The trial.

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{"id":48156559,"title":"Otis Redding and the 50th anniversary of the Monterey Pop Festival","duration":"3:47","description":"Jonathan Gould, author of a new biography about Otis Redding, shares details about Redding's performance at Monterey.","url":"/Entertainment/video/otis-redding-50th-anniversary-monterey-pop-festival-48156559","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}