'Real Live': Diversity in comic book movies

What's next for diversity in comic book movies after the record-winning "Wonder Woman" release?
11:46 | 06/16/17

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Transcript for 'Real Live': Diversity in comic book movies
Hi everyone I'm David Caplan with abcnews.com. And it is real lie you repeat today is film blogger Candice Frederick. Politics and music expert and pop culture Mike Meehan and ABC news entertainment reporter Michael Rothman. Our guys were real relied let's get started first let's talk movies 12 line. Incredible we talked about the plot line this news me if everywhere everyone's talking about it. Worldwide box office is 8435. Million dollars so far and reports that anything that would the end of this week and 550 million dollars worldwide so. I think both the in this what are some regrets favorite scenes from the news and don't spoil it too much for Hewlett. At the end synthetic. She. Great and it's like annihilate people it's like if it's one. In why didn't like that was sort of like the visual or visit a message behind long. So does the USU like kind of coming into what it means around on. You know being an Amazon via a god that I am a pretty good yeah. Acts were just so amazing just like everything was fine all of the ways and it was just how he's yet to break now. I enjoyed like the visuals World War I I love the backdrop of that. And I like how paddy introduce that into it gives you contacts in Bosnia talk about it not having had to talk about the use of the very secondary character that yet but I had to put too much and history it by just letting it be a natural progress but it's compatible with other patty Jenkins Evernote director and she did an incredible job with ratcheted and Iraq. And your. That's to campuses points I think you're talking about the scene in no man's land right which and it takes off the jacket and it's beautiful. What's a great additions of that is that that was also each of its Richard Donner Superman. So throw back to him taking on the Jersey in the logos it's kind of like I had to sit at that and some to other iconic movies of that genre and so. A a great blending of the past present future. With a hatchet to that I mean let's give her credit. She's a fourth woman to break over the 500 million mark that that's incredible. I had thought that patent right for that and that's worldwide box office even including if you boycott that some countries that were particularly into the New York out there that's though it's still did pretty well I think but what I think about is it's gonna open the door maybe for more. Diversity movies you know from we meaning movies for in the genre whether superhero movies. You know it's done so well remember a lot and we were talking about before it opened in your life while what's going to be you know what the outcome of this because well it does back now we know it's been incredible. I think that they take away from this should be well seen that so. This is a character the DC universe can build around and they should not build around and so if you notice the storyline and no spoilers here if you notice the storyline in the movie. It doesn't really a 100% jive with the rest of you know Don of justice from and a steal or whatever. And I think that's great I think this should be ground zero is ready to stark and move on and so that'll be. Because she is the best hero in the universe right now and so it they they I hope they recommend that and then hopefully with patty Jenkins. I hope that they give her the reins to other bigger projects. Much like he's seen in and marble of the reserve Brothers did Captain America and then after that did so well they were giving an avengers movie. So hopefully she's given a justice lead to war something bigger and that what you see these these are the two tent poles Bob there you know. Thousands without Michael like members talk. Right so the fact that this growth over 500 million dollars globally that leaves economic argument to be hand it you know driven team now led directed movies Nexus One box office. In particular overseas I'm knows an iconic movie but today F Gary gray. Just became the first black director to direct aid bill over a billion dollars with the fact that area but ultimately the deep dive into that though in that. 80% of came from overseas sales was simply disposes Nome where there is much don't use black les yeah because it doesn't do well overseas which leads us right into black and there. I think yeah these. Plus I get what I definitely. I do you think that it. It had a really great opening and I think that it'll be hard to argue that they are should be more like it. Even beyond how to aging and there should be other women on filmmakers who have them come in terms of blockbusters yet. But also women of color filmmaker is last year conference. By what coming up. And a slew of other item so yes exactly and so hopefully this will lead to those discussions in Lafayette and need for Batman diversity match as a woman and not just paddy. But women of color and it. To be picking changer really yeah officially at Harrisburg college to direct a comic book absolutely Regina H which is they area. It's ironic in publishing this has been happening for her tenth when he if you look at the marble mine up the marvel one episode diverse. And it's it's gotten you know a lot of praise for others there's an. An Asian American whole now there is asking what Poland today you know it is it to look potluck Tampa right you to the rate there was so did you ever see the trailer is yes line broke. Okay. Trailer I mean I loved it because I think eight with the game it was so visual yet and we get on movies before think that will mean IDF. Visual incredible difficult though you know it takes place in not and knows like there's like Africa involved up America so if Peter breaking the convictions of the setting. Body with though. If that's great for the livelihood of those trailers I think which he and now a lot of times with you for your trailers get a little bit you know with Superman like shall the logo yet I'm my guy. Yeah yeah. But did like a dotted the thriller he liked about I'd like camping out right now I thought Obama. And that you're eating. More. That I. Yeah wearing what currently rated a Iraq but we. I had lied the. That was so cool about it but that's over conflict that that is based on what kind of write this belief plays. But even how to do it is pre colonial Africa right but when you think they were colonized adds that customer to Ethiopia. Right pleased with the president is not to be colonize Mexicana hat that coming through but excites me about this is. This is visual and power. But powerful black hat right. On a positively black right that will undoubtedly be a huge success right sonatas case studies economically with patty in wonder one and right. Air fast if fear is that what people of color can't do well outside globally. But really awesome power of media for a I don't know what will be like to be a black born at eight a third between five and thirteen. To grow up knowing that the president can't be black rain is no longer an option with that. It's no my superhero can be black right now that's what we always talk about the power of media and now media actually has his chance to do good. Right in six poles and that is what is possible what they can inspired to be with no limits. Really was a part. It's equated having an open up circle we know what the movie opened its open up a new you know a discussion about this accuracy that there are these new role models and that really gonna open up. You know lover discussion at the reader to open the way for similar movies about this and let it does always have to be. All these like white super heroes run rampant problem. You credit management of their friends. It's patently. Industry that is just and is definitely happening I think that's going to propel. Street and Nixon's. Enemies wake up yeah. And as those in the relative there's a lot of things that. Have been I guess marvel opened the door for but that this one's kind of just breaking down the door for so like with double conduct is. In cosmic marvel and guardians kind of open the way for this beautiful tapestry of colors that we have now it's just kind of like this amazing you know wonderland that we're seeing there that's on apologetic lead what it is. And then also to which I think is great that that they're not going with that what we usually seen is. If you know the books you seen the trailer ruled that. He he. It's like oh I don't wanna be severe he wants to became he wants he's super there he is there addition it was kind of like he's he's bracket though she's he's nobody he is a very complicating it looked round -- confident Michael B Jordan is gonna play the villain in this two was. My need equal. These guys are all there's no there's no lack of competence there as an agency. Typically what no reserve added. And yeah. I think with an important civil war where we speak we met black panther was one his bodyguards the two female bodyguard. Movie. There's something more like she gets an all occasion things with black widow or something but he's like known on saving you from her leg pain they just are very confident it's it's gonna be Veronica. Power. And I. Yeah. About that event he has a monarchy is is king and and he is a superhero but you can juxtapose that you what's happening right now on our society right if like where there's a power actually lie. Right there's aligns well with the IE our leaders democratically elected leaders what does that resides in the people anything that movement kind of happening and there is one party not remain there but they're fighting that is just so. In terms it's his leadership driven from the top or this resistant germ from the bottom and we see them struggling. With how to but he reconciled by both dynamic and that's kind of what you see and black panther is if this marketed to ruler. Org if you get Concord as a people of NC will how can you protect me. Then if we're gonna get it it's my own. Rigor with the reflecting the side either Al Gore is something that you think like you get accidents the polling. Like that is always an Al Gore for like world exactly Rivera world worked or for anti immigrant sentiment there even if they're different thank again you that in a lot of superhero bills because. You know the main figures almost you know their operational there power out they're going against the system they're gong against you know established structures like the government gaggle of always a very you know you constant theme. Yes I'm director students sneaking in but he quickly. Just as paddy was very intentional and how she handled wonder one about things may look I know there and you know and how he only him as the story line. But how he brings presents scenarios and it hasn't credible track record from from those states and Rangers hockey and he re prison at the Rockies scenario and he has is greatly being intention I think that's also is in Hollywood if you're listening and happy that our. It's isn't. Work just hire anyone of color retire anyone and hire the one that has the intention. To be respectful of the story the court certainly an air attack.

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{"id":48093523,"title":"'Real Live': Diversity in comic book movies","duration":"11:46","description":"What's next for diversity in comic book movies after the record-winning \"Wonder Woman\" release?","url":"/Entertainment/video/real-live-diversity-comic-book-movies-48093523","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}