Robert Pattinson Reveals He's 'Homeless'

The actor told Jimmy Kimmel that his living situation has "gone way downhill."
2:37 | 06/13/14

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Transcript for Robert Pattinson Reveals He's 'Homeless'
It's time you're here you told me you were you're living arrangements were a little bit -- said you're living under an -- Next to some garbage cans is that still the case. I wish it. And currently I'm happy to have a -- -- -- -- you found a place in two B two exist. Com. Yeah that kind of found no more my promise of -- and -- are you staying inside the house now -- -- still sleeping outside of the house for no reason. Everybody -- -- parents -- my house they did which I was borrowing someone -- -- kick me out of it when a confession thrown real that the end of -- anonymous again -- your policy on. Integrity is. What comes with a all your stuff -- if you don't have a house -- keep at all. Not entirely sure it's really had -- -- And whatever. Was indeed at least it's somewhere. In I think California. Yeah I think -- storage spaces that have some kind of secret key to them somewhere. Erica that you don't know exactly where that where the source bases are -- this that would what do might -- Armenians. Look at the -- keep minions in the first base -- well. -- -- segment in out of I didn't in the back. And what kind of stuff you keep in this in your storage. Facility I have bomb like -- I have -- that I I don't know why I won't thrown away. I should throw away or give it away. Well I wanna hang onto it even though I know I'll never see it again -- Muslims -- of England. They -- really thinking about something Kentucky I am thinking about certain things that -- sent like pieces of furniture and stuff like that that I have some weird like attachment to for some reason then and I keep bit thinking I'm gonna give it to a relative or one of my kids or something like that. Yeah I was looking for my. My teen choice awards so -- -- the other thing that wanted to make any kind of glory -- Carville and intimidate guests from the notably. An -- hunting trophies I think it's just that they and his little -- and what's it like a surf boards will really how many of those -- you have. Why does them formed by don't have as many as I thought it did. You're missing -- -- right. An idea story saying. You're gonna put your teen choice awards on display. He and I confinement -- if someone I think they've printed the names that printed the awards all of -- -- one -- the kind of they cheated me out of my. My feet by thirty seconds before -- good choice yes well I'm sure he'll win more and need maybe to build yourself a home out of teen choice.

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{"id":24127359,"title":"Robert Pattinson Reveals He's 'Homeless'","duration":"2:37","description":"The actor told Jimmy Kimmel that his living situation has \"gone way downhill.\"","url":"/Entertainment/video/robert-pattinson-reveals-he-is-homeless-24127359","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}