TV Producer's Life Is An Open Book

Jack Gray talks his first book, "Pigeon In A Crosswalk"
5:03 | 02/22/13

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Transcript for TV Producer's Life Is An Open Book
He's a network news producer that finds himself in some hilarious. Even awkward situations with world leaders Hollywood heavyweights and he decided to make a few bucks off these stories and a new book called pigeon a crosswalk tales of anxiety. An accident on glamour and I'm very happy to welcome the author and my friend Jack great Jack that optimizes the most awkward situation this is very irate because usually you're not even vertical at this -- today usually you're not even so. That's bricks -- about what -- even write this book. Well contrary -- said it was not about the money. I just wanted to have some fun. Opponents. You know tell some stories that I can make people laugh and that's basically the point of the book -- -- you -- Anderson like a lot of credit for kind of pushy because you work with Anderson Cooper obviously over at CNN so when he was really kind of accounts to kind of pushed. He's been super supportive -- -- really he really encouraging me from the get go. I -- -- -- some blogs for his are our show website ran -- he you know stumbled on those sometime you know few years ago. You know was really encouraging -- -- more writing so I did and they know -- got like -- like seventeen billion Twitter followers something like that most of them yeah I mean technically do I think most of them are -- while important. Is that there are usually. It's -- -- -- -- right now are well we have well yeah well we'll talk about that off camera. The so I mean you've obviously you you. I had people from celebrities. So why former presidents. To you -- it -- -- -- You clearly run the gamut their charity cases that you talking about this book but I mean. What and when you're dropping things I don't say that like in any kind of a negative tone but I know -- -- -- should be a different name -- refers to the right in this -- conflict kick kick -- there are you is what it's like a celebrity checklist of -- well as -- set I was not under the impression that's -- -- -- to read something worried about them stumbling about anything in his book by. You know just that covers a few years -- my life that happen to be kind of filled with some really kind of interest in people and by the way they're populist book who aren't celebrities that are still I think -- isn't wasting my grandparents my. Crazy -- dog and you know friends of mines -- -- -- has the -- alienated -- because in the new we have some pretty revealing because in this book you wouldn't come out in this book which is coming pretty I'm -- yeah Perino do while mean you know that is it's it's just something you either. -- -- -- -- appointment talk about and if you can find humor in it then. And go for and so did and of one of the celebrity talk about often Wear your good friends with -- Kathy Griffin yes and ran in and you. Have had a lot of exploits that I have heard a lot of personal stories and -- share a lot in this book about this between. You to an Anderson I'm surprised that he even talks to both of you. Well she's a lot. More dangerous and I -- she's completely you know unpredictable by now we've had lots of -- we spent a lot of -- here in New York eating donuts which -- violate. I'm attacked Aniston on having -- in Los Angeles he's a great friend lots of fun and yeah -- -- we we've mean -- ended up speaking of Anderson that his house. In Long Island's. For a summer weekend with -- -- and we got their night before hand I love that there forget it was a it was a picture there for your from your New Year's Eve. Look she also tried to make -- and New Year's -- she tried I think she actually did Jack but -- been a long time since I had a history. Norman especially on his very mentally -- say that says -- her mouth has. Delightfully pleasant. Back but anyway so we went so Long Island should be kept making me. -- him photos of her in her underwear and in his in his underwear -- -- -- digging through Anderson will be roller -- S aired the night before. He gives the keys in -- letter sums in so used some of the next day is the man so instead she started rifling through his stories and put on his boxer shorts and as usually take a picture of me -- -- -- was. I inflicted -- inspections and and then he starts freaking -- means is respectful so are coming you have all these kind of stories you -- the same time I mean you're dealing with the news -- -- which can be very heavy kind of a downtrodden thing right in this book doesn't deal with the news and on its -- -- humor book hopefully people laugh and it's you know that's the that's the only point of the book really. But. So I think yeah I mean there's so much gloom and -- and what we do immediately basis that this was -- project that worked on on the side to have some fun and you know definitely pivot away from some -- -- -- the typical co host question what's next right is another book coming now hopefully I mean. Well first of all I need to. Succeed on what's mine from my colleague at and I suspect I'm -- -- -- arias and the apostrophe S really liked it -- it is more of an expletive. -- -- -- some -- -- let -- -- other -- in all day really get here. So I needed to make it out of here alive and then I need to sell enough of this book. To hopefully entice the publisher of one of them and maybe moving the acknowledgment up head -- you're pretty high up in the I am pretty high after which is why trying to push book sales that we can take -- at the dinner with a more regular basis whenever you are. 1%. That's very true at Jack gray -- and across flock thank you so much think you Rhode that it.

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{"id":18569803,"title":"TV Producer's Life Is An Open Book","duration":"5:03","description":"Jack Gray talks his first book, \"Pigeon In A Crosswalk\"","url":"/Entertainment/video/tv-producers-life-open-book-18569803","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}