Watch Conan O'Brien and Dave Franco Take On Tinder

PHOTO: Conan OBrien and Dave Franco create fake Tinder profiles on the July 17, 2014 episode of "Conan."

By now, most everybody has heard of Tinder, the dating app that helps strangers connect using geolocation and a series of user-set criteria.

Given its popularity, it's only fitting that Conan O'Brien wanted to try it out.

"Naturally because I'm a creep, I'm intrigued," the late night host said. "But I didn't want to do it alone so I got the help of a young hot Hollywood stud, Mr. Dave Franco."

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Together, they created profiles and surfed the app.

O'Brien, as Chip Whitley, had less luck than Franco, who created a profile for Jengis Roundstone. However, the entire video is worth watching, especially when they set out to meet a woman they effectively Catfished.

Watch their antics below!

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