What kind of a name is Bo? CEOs recommend dog names

When USA TODAY asked CEOs, company presidents and founders to recommend a name for the First Family's dog, the runaway most popular suggestion was Hope.

The CEO recommendations came before the Obamas announced the breed or sex of their dog, and before they had settled on the name Bo, apparently in honor of their maternal grandfather, who went by the nickname Diddley.

Eight suggested Hope, not including PetSmart CEO Philip Francis, who liked the change/hope combination Chope. Stimulus was suggested by eHarmony CEO Greg Waldorf and Retrofitness CEO Eric Casaburi. Former Staples CEO Tom Stemberg and Gary Kowalski, of CNF, both thought of Recovery. George Feldenkreis, CEO of Perry Ellis International, suggested TARP.

Other suggestions, which indicate a range of political perspectives:

• Windy, for Chicago — Diane Irvine, CEO of online jewelry retailer Blue Nile.

• Fili-buster — Tom Ryan, CEO T-shirt company Threadless.

• Tax-o-Bama, Tax for short — Neil Beer, CEO of JMART Technologies.

• Speaker — Bruce Clarke, CEO of Capital Associated Industries.

• Madame Speaker — Robert Williams, CEO of Conversive.

• Secretary of Crate — Dan Berman, CEO of PharmaCentra.

• Rush — Patrick Sweeney, CEO of Odin Technologies.

• Keynes — Bill Paquin, CEO of Spineuniverse.

Hurbert Surville, president of The Other Wine and Spirits, said Hope makes the most sense, but if the dog proves stubborn they could call him "W" and forever "have someone to blame for everything and anything."

Michael Haith, CEO of the Maui Wowi coffee company thought of George W. if the dog "enjoys love and attention and leaves a lot of messes to clean up."

SuperGen CEO James Manuso liked Mickey, for McCain, unless it had turned out to be an Alaskan Husky when Sarah would have been the obvious. Wally Smith, CEO human resources firm Enwisen, also liked McCain. "It will make it easier for him when he has to discipline the dog."

Only Proton Energy Systems CEO Robert Friedland volunteered the name Change, but Verlo Mattress Factory Stores CEO Dave Young said it should be Marley because musician Bob Marley was "the driving force for change," while Gregg Lehman, CEO of Health Fitness, said Mandy would be fitting for Obama's "mandate from the people for change."