Kim Vo's Top 10 Secrets to Beautiful Holiday Hair

Kim Vos Top 10 Secrets to Beautiful Holiday HairCourtesy Kim Vo
Kim Vo's Top 10 Secrets to Beautiful Holiday Hair

1. The holidays are all about the gleam and the sparkle, and that means your hair too! First rule: Moisturize your hair with deep conditioning treatments.

2. The bling is always the thing. Little embellishments, such as be-dazzled (rhinestone/glitter) hair accessories, go a long way to make your holidays bright and beautiful!

3. If you're in the mood for a winter fling and ready to show off some change but not necessarily the "commitment," clip-in hair extensions are the perfectly fun solution.

4. A man could never resist a glazed doughnut, nor a glazed head of hair ... for amazing shine there are silky, fun options to help your hair sweeten up, ranging from clear glazes to color-enhanced glazes.

5. What's more perfect than sexy, full, red winter lips, finishing up your style with a polish serum with high shine ... shiny hair + shiny lips= irresistible.

6. Too many holiday parties, too little time, heat up your look and make some soft waves by adding some curls with a 1½-2 inch barrel.

Quick Style Tips From Mr. Vo

7. Embody a classic, low side ponytail with a modern twist -- add a light curl. For an extra touch of glamour, use a single clip in extension to secure your ponytail.

8. If you are in the mood to make a strong statement, choose a pair of stiletto pumps, match them with a sharp side part and a simple bun in the back.

9. Celebrities do it all the time on the red carpet, and so can you -- have short hair for a day! It's easy. Just make a faux bob with your hair tucked underneath, and you, too, can have a short-looking style for the evening.

10. If you want to cause some "whip-lash," the dramatic bang for the holiday season comes by enhancing your eyes and applying lush, longer eyelashes.