Book Excerpt: 'Cool Hair'

In Cool Hair, celebrity stylist Vincent Roppatte says looks do matter because looking good means feeling good. Read an excerpt from his book.

Chapter 1

You're the Best

Each and every one of you is a wonder, unique and different from other girls. Although there's a lot more going on inside the private you than anyone dreams, there are still many feelings you share with other teens.

These feelings represent the most important changes in your life, just as you're becoming an irresistible young woman. Can you recognize yourself in the following behaviors?

You want more privacy than ever before. You are easily hurt. You want to experiment look new, try new things, think new thoughts, maybe even shock people with your daring. Sometimes, you're mean to others and you regret it. Being popular counts a lot even if you don't love admitting it. Your moods change suddenly. Occasionally, you feel anxious about making and keeping new friends. Your self esteem flutters you often don't like yourself and you worry about your appearance. You want the right to choose what you wear and how your hair looks. Even though I'm no expert in psychology, I have spent all my life young women and what makes them look wonderful. What I've learned is that it's all about self esteem and believing in yourself. When you feel confident inside, you take on an outside glow and your best qualities show. You don't feel self conscious about expressing your deepest thoughts, And this I know for sure: The first step toward self esteem and popularity is feeling comfortable and pretty in your own skin.

Seventeen-year-old Rita Nepogoda is a gentle, free studying spirit from her multi colored toenails to her multiple ear piercings. She follows her dreams and she's the best!

Peer pressure can be killing. Although you have definite ideas, it's often easier to be swept along with the crowd and say you like the same bands, clothes, hairstyles, and makeup that everyone else likes, instead of expressing your real opinions. You don't want to be different.

When you don't feel pretty, it's even more difficult to let your true self shine through. If you think you're plain looking, it's harder to relax and be yourself around guys and even other girls. What you want to say comes out sounding totally lame. Though your achievements, intelligence, and inner qualities best define the person you are, it's easier to believe in yourself if you feel attractive.

People may tell you that thinking about your looks is shallow and unimportant; well, they're wrong, wrong, wrong. Knowing you have the prettiest hair in your class, knowing you're wearing a great outfit don't mean you're shallow. You feel smarter, funnier, and safer if you feel cool. When we know we look good, we attract the best to ourselves and our best selves come out. Deep inside you're the best. So what's stopping you from taking control of your outside look and making it the best also? When you do the most with what you have, you'll have the freedom to be yourself inside and outside. And I promise you this: One of the best ways to look cool is with wonderful hair that captures the enviable energy and radiance of your youth.

That's why you're holding this book in your hands. If you're not satisfied with the way you look, if you feel out of it, today is the day you change things. Today is the day you start to allow the beauty deep inside you to be set loose.

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