The Future Perfect

No FDA clearance is needed since Botox is already an approved drug, and doctors may administer it for any medical purpose at their discretion. But one study on mice showed that an excessive dose could cause death.

Though Kane says that overdoses in humans are unlikely, he points out that there is a risk of needles piercing the stomach lining. He believes that physicians' refinements may well make the procedure more effective, but he says, "I don't think it will catch on in large numbers any time soon."

Joan Kron is Contributing editor-at-large for Allure magazine where, for the last 15 years, she has been covering the high-tech world of cosmetic surgery. She has won more than a dozen journalism awards and is the author of Lift: Wanting, Fearing, and Having a Face-Lift (Viking 1998/Penguin 2000). Before joining Allure, Kron covered fashion for the Wall Street Journal and design for New York magazine and The New York Times, where she helped create the "Home Section."

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