Excerpt: 'Brady, Brady, Brady'


We traveled around the country and made stops at various TV and radio stations for interviews. It was interesting for me since I hadn't done anything like that before. Our first stop was the "I Am an American Day Parade" in Baltimore. The parade drew 750,000 spectators with 33,000 in the parade. We rode in a convertible with Barry sitting on the rear seat and waving at fans. My job was more intense. I rode in the front and prevented teenage-girl fans from swarming Barry under. I literally had to knock them off of the car.

After Baltimore we flew to other cities. Barry was recognized wherever we went. On one of the legs of the trip, we started talking to some attractive flight attendants who weren't bothered by how young he was. I was impressed with how he was holding his own. They suggested we all go back to the hotel.

Barry kept wondering how we were going to get the girls to separate. I wasn't worried, but this was a new experience for him. Finally, I said, "See you in the morning, Barry," and shoved him to his room with one of the fight attendants.

The next morning, Barry staggered into my room after the girls had left. His eyes were as big as Frisbees. I guess that's where the expression, "He really had his eyes opened" comes from.

The trip was also beneficial regarding the burgeoning relationship between Barry and Maureen. It elevated him way past Maureen as far as experience.

Recently, Barry and I were working on a play together and I asked him about his book.

"How come you didn't write about the stewardesses on our trip around the country while The Brady Bunch was on the air? That would have made some pretty good reading in your book."

Barry said, "I thought about it, but it didn't make me look that good."

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