Top Book Picks for Great Fall Reads from 'Good Morning America'

Fall is the prime time for many of the year's big books by the biggest authors to hit bookstore shelves. Janice Kaplan, novelist and contributor to The Daily Beast, gave "Good Morning America" an insider's look at some of the hottest titles this season.

From mysteries to memoirs, readers have lots to look forward to this season. If you're in search of that perfect page-turner, look no further.

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GMA Fall Reading Roundup

VIDEO: Janice Kaplan lists the best new books to expect this fall.
'GMA's' Fall Book Picks

"Freedom," by Jonathan Franzen

From the author of "The Corrections," "Freedom" is the story of a strained suburban marriage in St. Paul, Minn., and the story of America in a world of war and lies. Kaplan says not to be scared off by reviews calling it the "next great American novel." "At its heart it's a really good story about people you won't forget," she says. It's No. 1 on the New York Times best-seller list and the selection for Oprah's Book Club for a reason.

GMA Fall Reading Roundup

"Fall of Giants," by Ken Follett

A sprawling saga with interconnected stories, Ken Follett's "Fall of Giants" begins at the start of World War I with a Welsh boy working in the coal mines. Ultimately, it connects to the rich English family that owns the mine, all the way up to English royalty. Kaplan says Follet writes grand, ambitious novels that are perennial bestsellers. The 1,000-page book hits store shelves, Tuesday, Sept. 28.

GMA Fall Reading Roundup

"Room," by Emma Donoghue

"Room" is told through the eyes of 5-year-old Jack, who lives in an 11-by-11-foot room and reads and plays as he listens to his mom tell him about the outside world. Quickly, you learn that they live in captivity and want to escape from their captor. Kaplan says it explores the parent-child bond, the meaning of family, and is sure to be a book-club favorite.

GMA Fall Reading Roundup

"Nemesis," by Philip Roth

The Pulitzer Prize-winning author returns to his roots with the story of Bucky Cantor. Cantor, a 23-year-old from Newark, N.J., runs off to the mountains in the summer of 1944 to escape the polio epidemic, which is sweeping through the inner city. Roth takes readers through Cantor's inner struggle as he grapples with fear and God. The book will be released Oct. 5.

GMA Fall Reading Roundup

"Our Kind of Traitor," by John le Carre

In le Carre's latest thriller, a Russian money launderer connects with an English couple on vacation and the British Secret Service wants to know why. As in the real world of spies, motives aren't always clear and the ending doesn't neatly tie up all the ends, Kaplan says. Most thrillers are quick page-turners, but le Carre expects readers to do some work too. It comes out Oct. 12.

Good Morning America's Fall Reading Roundup


Fall Reading Roundup

"A Journey: My Political Life," by Tony Blair

Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair talks about his years in office, navigating challenges from the war on terror to peace negotiations to the death of Princess Diana. Among the memoir's highlights: Blair admits he shed tears for victims of the Iraq war, praises former U.S. President Bill Clinton, talks about using alcohol as a prop, admits he was intimidated by Queen Elizabeth II.

Fall Reading Roundup

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